brought new era . Consequences the changed lot. And continue change during his regime better. “The Third Revolution: and the New State” Elizabeth C. Economy.

“One the great paradoxes ,” writes eminent scholar Elizabeth C. Economy, “ ’s effort himself as champion globalization, while the same restricting the free capital, information, and goods between China and the rest the .”

In her new book, The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New State, Elizabeth C. Economy explains that “the ultimate objective of Xi’s revolution his the rejuvenation of the great nation.”

Chinese and authorities see China as “”. If have doubt yet. can’t argue that Xi unprecedented steps consolidate his authority in the .

Xi Jinping overseen the expansion of the Communist Party’s role in Chinese political, , and economic life. He constructed of a of regulations to control more closely the of ideas and capital between China and the outside .

its borders, Beijing has recast itself as a great “”, seeking to reclaim its past glory and to a of norms that better serves its more ambitious geostrategic and geopolitical objectives to the rejuvenation of the great Chinese nation.

China becomes an illiberal state seeking leadership in a liberal order. Under Xi Jinping, China poses new challenges the States.

Because Xi regime writing a new world order. The New China State “seeks to the current Chinese political and economic model globally”.

Xi Jinping brings China on top of the world to “become a standard emissary for other disappointed with the and European models of liberal democracy.”

In between China is taking advantage of the openness of the States and other market-based liberal democracies to further its economic interests and advance its political agenda and its influence.

Xi Jinping brings China in Africa to conquer the , and himself for better opportunities in the new era of the .

“The States . . . continue to seek opportunities for cooperation the same be to counter and confront China Xi’s Third Revolution spills over into the rest of the world, undermining the underpinning global security and purports to uphold,” she writes.

This book is blueprint the Geopolitical and geostrategic of China. ’a is also the same manual that gives a better understanding of the new rules dynamic, warfare of the new world order that China as a under the leadership of Xi Jinping.

“The Third Revolution: Xi Jinping and the New Chinese State” Elizabeth C. Economy it’s a book should read as soon as possible.