Do Wellness, Sustainability, Health Care American constitute the DNA problems of Ordinary Today?

, , investigations, .

Such as , Republicans No-Spine Behaviors, The Democrats Party .

Not even the Call Scandal, the famous Rudy Guilliany Southen District Of New York , or the Trade War With and the list goes on.

Nonetheless, none of the diatribes mentioning in the previous paragraph is the everyday American Citizen main concern.

Because when we making an x-ray of the social-economic of the average people living in America. We are observing a totally different epidemic that destroying families in this county.

Meanwhile, it appears that the DNA of the American families in all spectrum regardless of religions, sex, colours, gender and ages is a package of three ingredients: Wellness, Sustainability & Health Care.

According to the publication of Data Research for September 2019 published by the Giant Tech Company Facebook that more data than any other institution in the entire world.

However the data clearly show, for the average day to day Americans, the conversation around Wellness, Wellness, Sustainability & Health is the real stake in people conversation.

Hear what people are talking online about today some of theses topics even made a comeback from the last 6 months.

Let’s get into the most keywords discuss online by The American people now:

, , the opioid crisis, the prices of the , the big pharma industry , the nightmare, , , , , , , , , mortgage payment, economic struggling, , , , , , , , weight loss, , , , , , , , , , , , , , Bacteria, , , .

By all means, these are the most effective keywords discussions online, Everyday Americans Online on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp for September 2019.

Today, two questions are legitimate to ask after taking knowledge of these keywords:

What controls the American Narrative in term of the content?
Who controls the American narrative in term of influence and forces of persuasion?

Observing these data it is so contradictory to see not even the news cycle from the national mass media companies.

Including Tweeter Storms, the Political Axfiction of our American’s Democratic system.

without mentioning the corruption in Washington and the 2020 upcoming American’s Elections crisis that started before even people cast their vote in the ballot box.

None of them is the concern of the true average American struggling every day to put meat on their plate on the table, to raise their children and take care of themselves, their Wellness, Their Sustainability.

Finally, it’s so surprising to see after all that American’s People are aware to fight to take control of their Health Care, to keep themselves, their children and their relatives happy, healthier physically, economically and spiritually.

Even, in the alternative reality of today craziness, political and social division in this country, the volme of conversation online proves.

That American’s People are loving and charitable human being. Who are care for each other regardless what noise there would like you to think.

We end this article by saying surbubing, rural, Urbain American’s controling their day to day narative convesation and fight to keep it so.