Using Traditional Media to Promote Your Online Business or Website

are short documents that are sent to to promote some kind of newsworthy event or development. be a good way to promote your website as long as the “hook” upon which your press release is built is genuinely newsworthy, and not just an advertisement.

The at newspapers, television and radio stations and online newswires are always looking for content to fill their news hole. If you a professional-looking press release that newsworthy information, there is a good that it be picked up and it in a news story.

There are numerous only press release distribution sites that will your press release to in your or nationally or . Most are paid, but some are free

Before you your news release, make it is in the format for . at hundreds each day, and if yours makes it difficult for them to glean the essential information quickly, it may be without being .

Also, be that what you are is newsworthy and can serve as the starting point for a news story. Make to include contact information, such as your , so can call for an .

Free Classified Ads

Most people ads to find used cars, apartments for rent, help wanted postings and the like. But it is possible to promote your website using free ads if you know a few tricks.

Generally, websites offering free ads – such as Kenda. or –won’t let you post ads that promote a business or website unless you purchase a paid ad. But if you write your ad so that it offers something of value for free, then you can usually get them published.

For example, let’s say your own website that promotes training courses. While you probably couldn’t get a free classified that to sell your products, you post that says:

“Learn five secret techniques to turn a bad puppy into a good . Get your free report at PuppyPartners..”

Then you simply a short report or brief eBook, offer it on your webpage to people who give you their email address and not only will your drive visitors to your site, but you can build a subscription of potential customers that you can use to market other products in the .

Free marketing sometimes requires some creative .


are short containing or more article that is distributed according to a schedule, usually monthly, to a group of subscribers who have signed up to receive them because are interested in the newsletter’s niche topic.

There are two ways to promote your website for free using : links to your website on somebody else’s newsletter or creating your own. The latter probably is the more valuable.

Most will allow you to include a to your web page in their newsletter for a fee. This is called a and if the newsletter is , it can be of the ways to quickly build a customer base.

If you can’t afford to buy a , some may let you submit an article for inclusion in their newsletter in which you include a to your website.

Offering a subscription to a free newsletter is a great way to build your email subscriber , then creating and distributing a free newsletter of your very own. Although this requires a time because you probably will have to create all the content on your own, the reward is that you can quickly build a of dedicated and loyal subscribers.

These enthusiastic can then promote your website to their , family, of their social networks, and other people who are interested in your subject niche.

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