US stock market has scramble during the December 18. Today 19 is rising what America and the rest of the world can expect Trump Trade War against China?

Although this be true, during the last trading day of 18. As the US stock market rising slowly after being down almost every day for three . Unlike a storm, Donald Trump sends lots of tweets to congratulate himself on the economy.

Inspire of, being prudent the commandant in chief of the nation blast tweeter. By saying: ‘big progress’ is being made in trade talks between the US and China; Amazon reportedly is planning an expansion of Whole Foods stores; Verizon and avoid a Fios blackout.

By all means, let’s take a look on the market today to investigate the date. Because we not watch the stock market on the same screen with US Donald Trump.

Does US Versus China trade war rise the US Stock Market?

Despite, the trade war the nations previously agreed to a temporary tariff truce at least until . Putting on hold the Trump administration’s plans to raise tariffs. On a some $0 billion worth of Chinese imports 10% to 25%.

However, One of the Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman reported by the media outlet: Xinhua Agency. Indeed said that “China stands ready to work with the United States. Indeed to move forward the China and US business link which are underpinned by coordination, cooperation, and stability.”

Meanwhile, many contracts business linked to the Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 253 points on Monday. Futures for the S&P 500 gained 18 points, and Nasdaq futures were up 70.50 points.

on Friday closed mixed in a session marked by high volatility. But, ended the week higher for the first time in December. The Dow gained 2.8% last week, the S&P 500 rose 2.9% and the Nasdaq jumped 4%.

The economic calendar in the US Monday includes the Dallas Fed Manufacturing Survey for December at 10:30 a.m. ET.

As a result for the Dow Jones Industrial, there is no significant progress. As matter of fact, the stock market is weak and unstable for this sector is wrong.

Does Amazon processing Whole Foods Expansion nationwide is a result of trump economy?
In the middle, of Inc. planning to build and expand Whole Foods stores across the US nationwide. Nonetheless, to put more customers within range of the e-commerce giant’s -hour delivery service.

Nevertheless, Amazon move will eventually bring Whole Foods to more suburbs and other areas. Specically, where the company is quickly adding customers since Amazon bought it in 2017 for about $13.5 billion. According The Wall Street Journal reported.

However, Amazon and Whole Foods declined to comment for the Journal on new store or spending. In the Rocky Mountain region, one familiar with the plans told the newspaper. As Whole Foods employees as visited potential retail spaces. , Idaho, southern Utah, and Wyoming, where Whole Foods doesn’t have stores now.

Amazon was rising 2.2% in premarket trading on Monday.

Indeed you should keep in , that Amazon is in the middle of a rude battle. Opposing the company with Walmart and Alibaba locally in internationally. Behind this expansion plan to bring Whole Foods Market Grocery in the suburbs area in the mid-west.

Seriously, as nothing with Trump Economy. Actualy, it is an effect of the cannibalism marketing economic strategy. That consist either you eat your competitor market share or it will eat you simply. Meanwhile, it appears one more time Trump is wrong.

Do Verizon and Walt Deal Agreement as some trump economy effect on it?

Up to the present time, Verizon Communications Inc. and Walt Disney Co. reached a deal over programming fees. This consensus is over a broad- distribution agreement that will benefit both giants companies.

Meanwhile, Verizon and The Walt Disney Company said: More information will be released in the coming days. By, an tweet on Sunday. Henceforth, this deal happened after Verizon last week threatened to pull Walt services out of his network.

Understand, that this treat could affect such as the Disney Channel. Eventualy, ESPN and some ABC content from Fios TV over a money dispute between the companies. In the midtime, The dispute escalated just Just after Christmas Day.

Because, Verizon emailed all Fios customers. By, announcing that “Disney is currently proposing that Verizon pay hundreds of millions of dollars more for its programming. After all, Verizon will be obligated to discontinue Disney on Fios.

Rapidly this move created a buzz on social media. The two companies review their disagreement to seal a deal quickly. Despite the fact that many of its key networks are experiencing declining viewership because of living streaming online.

The rising cost of programming is the biggest factor in higher TV bills. As a result, consumers are everyday drop networks like Disney, refusing to accept these huge increases, Fios added.

Without a deal, ESPN and another programming would have been cut from Fios TV by 5 p.m. on Monday. Meanwhile, to avoid that the two giant on find an agreement.

Definitely, It had nothing to do with Trump economy progress the president talking about on his tweet. This is a piece of presidential fake directly from President .

Verizon was rising 0.9% in premarket trading. Disney shares rose 2%.

Do Sears Last-Minute Bid From is a product of Trump economy?

Sears Holdings Corp. once famed for its iconic catalog and department stores. Narrowly. averted liquidating when Eddie Lampert. The retailer’s , made a last-minute, $4.4 billion bid to buy and save the company.

Lampert made the bid through his hedge fund, ESL Investments. No other bid had appeared by Friday.

ESL said the bid includes $1.3 billion in financing from three institutions. Reports said Bank of America Corp., Citigroup Inc. and Royal Bank of Canada would assist with the financing. Transform Holdco LLC, an affiliate of ESL Investments. Said it would 425 Sears stores, offering employment to up to 50,000 of the chain’s 68,000 current employees.

The deadline for deciding on “qualified” bidders is Jan. 4, and if a bid by ESL Investments passes that hurdle, an auction would be slated for Jan. 14.

Without an accepted bid from ESL Investments, the chain’s largest creditor and shareholder liquidators would break the company into pieces.

According to this piece of information, there is no evidence of Trump economy is this decision.

Do the fact that Tesla Names Larry Ellison to Its Board as something realated to Trump Economy?

Inc. was up 1.3% in premarket trading Monday. After rising sharply Friday following the company’s naming of Larry Ellison and Kathleen-Wilson Thompson to its board.

Tesla closed with a gain of 5.61% to $333.87 on Friday.

Telsa said Ellison, the current executive , and chief technology officer of Oracle Corporation. Was added to the board as was Wilson-Thompson. Who is the global head of human at Dow component Walgreens Boots Alliance Inc.

The board additions were part of a settlement reached earlier this year between Tesla CEO Elon Musk. After a settlement with the Securities and Exchange Commission. That allowed Musk to remain chief executive of the electric carmaker. But, the has forced to step down as chairman.

This case either has no relation with Trump economy status.

My question is why The United States Of America has to tweet presidential fake economic . I hope 2019 will be different in term of Trump Economic Fake Tweets.