: Pulling Out From Nuclear Deal. Is a really bad decision!  President officially pulling the out of the Joint Comprehensive  of Action () also known as the nuclear deal.

The singular decision of the Trump regime poisoning a fragile relationship between those two countries. By, killing the nuclear deal,  President is now putting the  in a unilateralism place and against his most effective allies as , France, Germany, the , NATO and the of enemies like , and Iran.

All that can be the result one childish decision of the Trump regime. Just imagine the scenario now if , China,  , France, Germany, the and NATO decide to stick with Iran in the Joint Comprehensive  of Action (), what is the option for if there are facing a threat.

Remember that a not a game of emotional nonsense gambling activities. It is a of balancing logic, reason, national , peace, and wisdom. I don’t believe the Trump regime does not understand any concept of the fortuity decision. President Trump is  in this on the International or Geopolitics arena.

Some observers are wondering whether conflict could break out between the two countries or spreading in a multinational movement against because of the new sanction imposed by the Trump regime against Tehran, may jeopardize economically , France, Germany, the , NATO. , Iran and even North Korea who doing with the Iranian.

Of needs strong allies with him. If they expect to continue leading the world.  Especially in ’s . When we got in one side Russia who play the tough regime of the world. In the other side, China who becomes a superpower economic in the world. Both of them are strong militaries army strong with great nuclear abilities and are undeniable allies.

From the region, we got France and Germany who are strategic and indefeasible allies. Both are powerful Military. With a large nuclear arsenal available. This couple of Franco-Germano controlling. And influencing other 25 nations of the 27 European Union plus .

My last Observation is the fact that on May 8th, 2018:  the Revolutionary Guard deputy commander said “Our nation is not afraid of the United States sanctions or military attack. Our enemies including , the Zionist regime and the allies in the region should know that Iran was ready for the worst scenarios and threats,” Hossein Salami was quoted as saying by Fars news agency.

At the same time, United States President ended the Iran nuclear deal, the of Iran regime may eventually a sign come from a coöperation will continue to work between Iran and the rest of the of Joint Comprehensive of Action () AKA Iran Nuclear Deal.   

For now, it seems unlikely that Washington and Tehran will enter direct conflict in the near future. But the ongoing conflict in Syria and Iran’s numerous proxy forces across the mean an emboldened Iran.

The  that feels slighted by the international community would have ample to enter conflict with the United States allies in the region, a fact that could ultimately pull U.S. troops a confrontation with Iran.

In , the United States has the most powerful military forces in the world.  With more active staffing ready to fight than Iran. According to some estimates, the U.S. military has around 1.3 million active military personnel, while Iran has just 550,000. Nevertheless, the two countries have a similarly sized military if they call up all reserves.

The Iranian population estimates around 80 million .  A smaller nation than that of the United States which of over 300 million.

I am ending this article with a short video. This video explains the origin of the Americano-Iranian conflict.  Just click on the link below on the play icon to watch it.