Unai Emery does want to rewrite Arsene Wenger history? But he to write a chapter in book Arsenal!  he succeed along way? Nobody knows that from now.

Unai Emery Etxegoien during a public . Has notified that Arsenal was in slumping mode he became head . He during the 22 years reign, Arsene Wenger leadership. Arsene Wenger had changed the defensive structure Arsenal to essentially the offensive part.

In the meantime, Emery became the in after Wenger departure. He inheriting a team at the sixth place in the Premier League the final last season. Emery his forerunner’s focal was attacking . But time he had neglected to structure the defense part. He Arsenal in a defensive weakness stage.

Unai Emery emphasis , “Before Wenger arrived, Arsenal celebrated the 1-0 wins were defensive solidity.”

Arsene Wenger,  Arsenal became an attacking team. players were good on the ball, the perfect combination. That way the team became “The Invincibles” an unbeaten Arsenal won the Premier League season 2003-04”.

Nevertheless, along the years, a can’t only take care of technique and attacking advantage of team. Suddenly, losing defensive structure. In the first place, What I want to do said Unai Emery: is unite the and become competitive.

At instant, Arsenal were falling. We had to stop that and start to lift confidence in victory a solid defense. What happened in Arsenal is a total reversal moment a big change. Because is very difficult days, a coach to reverse a habit that lasts during 22 years.

Unai Emery said the chairs had to be moved in all sectors of the . because he want to undermine anyone of earlier negligence. Because he believes that everyone should motivate again and believe in Arsenal. He knows he must shake things. To sweep the dirt the carpet, to open the windows, all things coming.

Arsenal must enter in a dimension of the game. Bring a energy of competitively on the soccer field for the . Arsenal must succeed on its new mission.  the time, Arsenal is on a 16-game unbeaten run in all competitions Emery. But kept only clean blankets in 12 Premier League matches.

those circumstances, the team has improved after winning just four league games away from the Emirates last season. Notching up three wins in five away games. ” The manager said Arsenal’s website. We came to an Arsenal one mission. The Premier League is our priority. Our goal in terms of the table is to in the four”.

We want to bring the to to Europe’s . Yes you mean it, We talking about the Champions League, period.  Our is to seize  opportunities to do that.: The first one is to dominate The Premier League. The second one is the regain our seat on the Europa League a European leadership team.

Emery said “I told the players: We starting at ground zero. Even now, four later, I still say we just at the beginning. a long journey toward . The team must grow every day and one step at the time.”

can be seen, Arsenal has shifted toward a new chapter its history with Unai Emery. So far so good but we see at the of the season. If Unai Emery recipe for bring what the public or .