humiliate himself and the entire nation with him by the at the UN General Assembly by made his audience ridiculously him using his childish behavior, and his megalomania habits of using fake facts to brag his government accomplishment, that he qualified as the best ever.

in his speech, at the UN General Assembly, affirm that his administration had, in years, “accomplished more than any other administration in the history of American history “.

particular sentence with substance at all backing his affirmation because everyone can get to the US statistic online in real-time, so how come President Donald could imagine that he can fool a fool of Diplomatic delegates with his rhetoric his brand with made up false claims.

Many of the assembled world leaders and foreign dignitaries responded with laughter ridiculously  President Trump as they were in a comedy . The president took a deep breath then said “I didn’t expect that reaction, but that’s OK,” and provoking more laughing, in the audience in the because everybody knew is not okay for the President of the most powerful country in the world to spoke and behave like that.

In fact, the speech of Donald Trump was, in the tone, less aggressive than that of last year with very good point inside of it.

A year after his fiery speech against the North Korean regime, the White House tenant praised the dialogue with leader Kim Jong-un, an initiative he considered “daring” for peace. The US president congratulated the strongman of Pyongyang for his efforts while stating that sanctions will not be lifted until the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula is effective.

The president also talked Defense of “American sovereignty”

Regarding the war, the country is currently giving to China, Donald Trump called for “fair and balanced” trade. The trade imbalance with Beijing “can not be tolerated,” he said.

In a speech advocating, as usual, the defense of American sovereignty and isolationism at the expense of multilateralism, the president of the world’s leading power said he wanted to limit to 25 % the US contribution to peacekeeping operations.

The start of the UN General Assembly and its six days of speech was a few moments earlier by the UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres, who drew the serious face of ‘a world where’ universal values are eroding, democratic principles are under ‘. “Among the countries, the cooperation is less certain and more difficult, the divisions within the Security Council are serious,” he said.