“isolating Iranian regime” his UN. Unsurprisingly, Tuesday devoted a large his UN the Tehran regime, he described as “corrupt” “destructive.”

’s rulers sow chaos, death, destruction the .” As announced his state secretariat, Donald devoted his the UN to the Iranian regime, he “isolating” the international scene.

’s have a heavy its expansion program,” the , referring particular to Yemen. After welcoming the withdrawal the “horrible” deal , Donald would impose sanctions to deprive the Islamic Republic the to finance its ambitions.

In , a few later, Iranian Hassan Rohani accused of seeking to “overthrow him”, draconian sanctions he compared to act of “ terrorism”, pretends to invite him to the dialogue. Rohani, the negotiations to take the UN the basis of the 2015 Iran Multilateral Agreement.

We expect in fact for this rhetoric of verbal aggression between those two leaders of the weapon countries will not exclude they accusation to each other further,  because of this exactly this type of public relation misconduct behavior can aggravate to a military or a terrible war between two super powerful in the world.

Nevertheless, we know we must stay positive to keep peace in the world saying to both belligerents the world deserve peace so behave guys.