Three Weird Places You Can Use to Promote Your Online Business or Website

Sometimes when it comes to gaining attention for or business, you to consider “alternative methods”.

Traditional tends to be expensive and competition is high. But by such as Craigslist, feeds, and even Technorati, you can capture lion’s share of market with little or no investment other than time and effort.

Capturing Craigslist Customers

If you’ve ever wanted to buy used furniture, look for a job, or even romance, you probably already familiar with Craigslist. It’s and most listing on internet. It also is a great place to promote for free.

Regardless of what your is, there’s almost certainly a category on Craigslist that you can use. site hosts discussion on from and beauty products to celebrities, from cooking to pets. And only postings that you pay for on Craigslist ar help wanted ads.

Participating in related to your is an effective, no- to gain exposure for your in front of people who already interested in buying what you . By in with other Craigslist users on the , you can promote your products and services, build your , and identify prospective customers that you can convert into loyal fans.

You can join an existing conversation or start a new forum topic.

One caveat: Anything you do and say online stays in cyberspace forever, so always make sure you polite and professional. to a much more relaxed, back to it, so it’s to let your hair down and say things you might not say elsewhere.

Really? RSS Feeds?!

feeds are a family of formats used to publish frequently updated works. They are sort of like a web version of a wire service, such as the Associated Press or , except the content can be about anything and can include video, audio recordings, slideshows, infographics and other types of content.

Users who subscribe to free feeds get fresh content delivered to their reader anytime something new is published to the . Often these are placed on their , but now many people are posting RSS onto their smartphones and tablets.

There are two basic ways you can use RSS feeds to promote your website. The is to your own to subscribers, in which you provide a constant stream of information about new products, price changes, availability, promotions and other things related to your business. You can choose from a of RSS aggregators that you can use to build your and it to your customers.

The second option is to provide your content to somebody else’s . This can be an existing local business group’s , an industry , a feed or any other feed that will accept your content.

Whichever method you choose, make sure the content you provide is valuable and accurate and that you always include a link to your website.

Technorati Is Not a Type of Dance Music

Technorati is a search engine that is used to search blogs. It is based on the micro-descriptions, called “tags”, which to identify the content of their blogs. Technorati uses these tags to help users find blogs related to of interest to them.

If you a blog, Technorati is a great to help people find your content, which you can then use to direct them to your website. Technorati also as the centralized site for having to do with blogs. It offers articles and links to other sites involving blogging and statistics, and it hosts numerous blogging in which can exchange information and .

Another option is to find blogs related to your and then contact the authors. You can ask if they will allow you to write a . Because most eventually run out of , in many cases they will agree. When you provide an informative, well-written blog about your niche topic, you can build your reputation as an expert in your field and also include a link so that you can drive traffic to your website.

You can build relationships with other by frequently leaving positive, supportive comments about their blog postings. Even though there are of , the blogging community for each niche tends to be a small world, so becoming friends with other can lead to testimonials, mutual support and cross-promotion opportunities.

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