Albert Einstein: The human spirit must prevail over technology

Many years ago Albert Einstein said, “Human spirit must prevail over technology.” People have and still ensure huge difficulty to understand the meaning of this quote because can’t project themselves into the has Albert Einstein did.

Remembered couple decades ago, not so far, humanity had no telephone, no computer, no Internet, just nothing to impress anyone. Humankind always had the technology available from them into the human brain ready to use and solve any type problems or difficulties awareness find themselves into it.

For not so far couple centuries ago, humanity used pigeon or postal mails to transfer messages and communicate. Really not so far in the past even hand-written letters didn’t exist people used at time symbol, design and oral transmit knowledge from one generation to .

Eventually, very slowly and gradually the human kind to realize the power this fantastic machine name’s the human brain, to develop the human spirit a kind appetite for progress by using the available for them into the brain which is the power positive thinking.

The outcome is marvelous; because technology is starting slowly to become rapidly take over. Snail and postal mails have replaced by postal mails then emails, SMS which is short text messages by telephone. Then the progress continues by introducing the MMS which is Multimedia Messaging Service and rapidly this technique become the changer in term the messaging.

Multimedia Messaging Service aka MMS brought into humankind life’s the ability to images sound as new wave of calling multimedia in the beginning now name has changed to instant media or broadcasting you.

Each person on the planet has today access to the power of , via , and multimedia branded to Internet media, where YouTube and Social Media are running the .  Now the human being calling themselves, YouTubers, Social Media Influencers more.

Nowadays the only book that people are reading every day is Facebook, the instant in somebody’s life today is posting on Instagram, our vacation or privacy moment is filming on camera and live to the , to make on music and movies industries you must a create a video tube, or movie trailer that becomes on YouTube, the real news in real-time is on Twitter.

Then become the era of technology application using on mobile devices, you may know it as an APP download on a smartphone, a tablet. More today on appliances in house TV, Stove, Bolt light, security camera and more, all are connecting online through the Internet of things.

Before you asking what is in the you should visit What’s APP to get the greatest BUZZ video, if you like to read you must take a tour at BUZZFEED or HuffPost instead of traditional media.

If you like independent media source you exploring the blogosphere were real people is advocating making communication faster and more accurate. Either you are a passive blogger which mean you are blogger reader or you are an active blogger which group is if you are a reader and a blog writer as Ernst Georges is.

Human spirit must prevail over technology, Albert Einstein said. That’s statement it’s just on embryonic stage in the that we are now. Because technology after the digitization era’s reserve us more gears as Intelligence Artificial, Flying Cars, Tele transportation, holographic meeting or a teaching system were a teacher of the students are absent in the classroom because they are sick or for any other , they will also present in a classroom and take part in holographic interaction. This is the near .

It’s to ask ourselves how the world will be, when the toddler’s who’s now playing with smartphones and tablets, will start developing and stretching his brain to produce more goods and services to make our lives on this planet.

Maybe I will be to own an apartment on Mars, they will be so cheap when traveling on the spaceship will become so usual that we may compare it to taking the subway today. The only thing I can say is quoting Albert Einstein “Human spirit must prevail over technology”.

The will be more and more benefit for humanity in all manners before we get there I just project myself into it and dream, as you can do it too. We must use technology which is the power of our brain to accept the change and embraces it make it become a part of our life.

Ready or not technology is taking over the world, with our contentment or not we must change and we will change because of the humankind brain moving beyond the fast light speed to quantum analytic speed racing. Our Present is becoming the past in the future is now because of the power of technology.