Let me introduce to the Four P’s Of Marketing!Product, Price, Placement, and Promotion“.

Marketing isn’t easy, and without proper marketing plan in place, your company may suffer. The main ingredients for successful marketing campaign are the four Ps. These essential marketing items are “product, price, placement, and promotion”. To provide a positive experience for your customers, it is in your interest to ensure that each P works with all the others.

It takes lot of work and effort to determine what customers want and need, as as identifying their shopping habits. Once these steps are taken, will then need to produce your product, find the right price point, and promote it. All of these actions must be taken together to avoid problems. Let’s explore the four Ps of marketing, determine what they are, and how they work together.


Your product is the heart of your business. It is and dear to your heart, and if ’ve done your homework, it’s something that is to the , allowing it to stand out from the rest of the competition. The with any product, , is remaining distinct and . From a product perspective, it is if have a solid understanding of what customers are looking for in regards to benefits and .

It’s also imperative that learn how they will use your product, that way you can make sure the product you’re fits their wants and needs. If the product doesn’t fulfill a need, it won’t be likely that customers will purchase it. Perform to have a good idea of ways your product will be used.


Of course, your product is only going to sell if you the appropriate price point. Your business will want to use production costs, projected fulfillment, and other key metrics to determine the proper price for your product. Make sure you are conveying the quality of your product to customers when considering the initial amount of your product. At the , do what you can to keep in mind how the price you select, along with costs of manufacturing and production, will have an impact on your product in the long-term.


In today’s , placement is no longer simply about identifying the appropriate retailers locations. There are now many other channels and outlets to give consideration when thinking about your product placement. Where is the area with the highest foot traffic? Which retailer is showing growth and expansion? What businesses does it make the sense to establish a partnership with?

These are all questions you will want to consider when it comes to product placement, but you’ll all need to think about the digital aspect of marketing. Will you want to have a social media campaign? Ensuring your product is in a spot which will gain traction and attention in the market is the key to successful product placement.


With the continued growth and immersion of our lives into social media, it only sense to promote and market your product online. This that your product marketing needs to be multi-pronged, something that did not require as much attention in the past.

Nowadays, customers want to see the product first-hand. They want to with it, ask questions about it, get answers about it and learn more about the brand, all from the comfort of their home. Provide high-quality videos and content to your potential customers, and they will you with their loyalty.

Take time to understand each of the four Ps and how they can make break your marketing campaign. Have a strategy for each ingredient, and focus on trouble spots that may disrupt a successful product. Pay close attention to the four Ps of marketing, but also consider other which can accentuate and highlight your product. For more information on the four Ps and other marketing tips, subscribe to our email list on the top right side of any page of this website.