The Cars We Drive Say A Lot About US!

In today’s era, the we say about us and will give more fun & entertainment!  But, behind the scene things it’s happening creating a huge battleground for a driverless vehicles domination.

It seems like every day we are seeing major automakers, as well as major companies, reveal their prototypes and models of electric and self-driving . Companies such as Tesla, Nissan, Google, Uber, Microsoft, and Amazon are said to be leading the but the is on for everyone.

Companies are pouring more and more into trying to get ahead and a jump starts on the changing auto industry. An which many believe to be changing the motor oil engines we have to completely and driven. This is happening as well, China seems to be the overall leader in the industry.

China buys and produces more cars than anyone else in the world. And they have already doubled the number of for compared to the United States, largely due to the governmental promotion and the benefits you receive from buying and using these vehicles.

The cars we drive say a lot about us. – Alexandra Paul

The of driverless vehicles is being made possible because of how and time these giant companies are now pouring into the industry. Trying to create the all while battling each other for the top spot.

Driverless are believed to be nearly 100% safer than those with drivers behind the wheel. Humans are easily distracted, often speed and make costly mistakes on the road. are now trying to construct the of autonomous safety features, better technology, and a .

An unknown winner in all of this will be the entertainment . The goal of is to keep more on the . So during your next road when you no have to worry about driving or directions, what will you be doing?

Some of may sleep, some of may read or grade papers, but the truth is the majority will now be watching TV or a movie or even playing a gaming . Technology has gotten so advanced over the few and it will continue to expand. technology will keep connected to our so we can enjoy a long road with some lights, comfy chairs and movies playing, all while riding in your own .

General Motors has just revealed their newest service called the Marketplace. This service will allow you to use your in the to have access to various services such as food, entertainment, gas and even hotels. is continuing the toward more connected , something we have seen with the of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth throughout new .

The Marketplace service offers featured brands and deals, allowing you to easily access your morning meal while you’re on the road. The is set up so you get in your , begin driving and select your order or reserve a hotel and then go to your destination. The service will automatically route you to where ever you choose, such as the .

This service will also serve as an advertising platform as well as a rush for companies to get their product and logo on your . Various companies such as Wing Stop, Dunkin Donuts, and TGI Fridays are reportedly all in so far.

The push for will open up the door for the entertainment and allow it to mix in with the auto . The two would presumably up so they would be to offer TV, movies, sports, gaming, etc. to any and all vehicles on the road.

The possibilities and are for the of these new features to make the automobile more connected.