Susanna Withdrew From !   In effect what should be considered as a dream job is now a bad curse. Because has restarted screening resume for a new chief executive.

When the league has informed that Susanna Dinnage abruptly withdrew from the job. While she does not even start to work for the benefit of leading the richest league competition worldwide.

Notably, after the has announced last November that Susanna would start the job in early 2019. By all means, the league announced on Sunday, December 30th, 2018 that the broadcasting executive had now rejected the chance to succeed Richard Scudamore.

In the meantime, why Suzana has suddenly decided to stay in broadcasting at Discovery, Inc.?

Until the nomination for a chief executive in . Henceforth, Susanna Dinnage has been serving as of the Animal Planet brand. According to the version of a person familiar with the situation on condition of anonymity.

Formerly, this individual said the reasons why Suzana Dinnage, not taking up the league job were not being publicly discussed.

Dinnage had said last month that it was going to be a “great privilege” to work at “the pinnacle of professional sport” leading the . However, there was some disconcerne behind the scene. Between, the nominee and certain members of the comitee that push her to drop the towel and refused the position.

Regardless her previous arrangement to the November. Susanna Dinnage has suddenly notified the .  Presently that decided to not take up the of the anymore.

Without delay, the has to some potential candidates. In the meantime, the English Premier League will not comment on the situation until they find a new chief executive.
All things considered, Susanna Dinnage TV experience, which also included MTV and Britain’s Channel Five. Overall was seen as a tremendous asset  for the league. When we know the importance to deal for live rights. At the present time inside a diverging market full of competition include television and Internet live streaming.