Start-up a home business: Writing eBooks as your Business Model,  I remember the time when I struggled with the idea to start a business I couldn’t figure out what to do. So I start by writing a business plan to start a real estate investment company,  so I writing what I had in my mind.  When I finished writing the document  I talked about it my project with a friend of in England who is a business consultant to take look on paper.

She spent a week without getting in touch with, and finally, she called me and said I find you an e-book publisher, they will call you soon. I said what she told you business plan is more than simple paper is ebook honey, and she explained to me how electronic business work. Ever since I write ebooks for my self and many clients and making good money in this business. Today I am sharing with you the secret behind start a home business by simple writing ebooks and making money on autopilot.

2018, is the perfect opportunity to enter the eBook industry for anyone trying to get their feet wet and start making lots of money online for a few simple reasons. There is no other time in history where you are able to develop a product at little to no cost, develop a marketing strategy, and instantly have access to literally billions of potential customers directly in front of you.

A Global Platform

Gone are the days of setting up intricate marketing plans to target specific geographic regions throughout the Earth. You can now get access to everyone directly through his or her computer screens. The internet continues to grow each year, especially internationally, so your customer base will keep getting bigger as well.

On top of that, since your primary job is to create eBooks and distribute them online, you are not tied down to any specific location. Whether you’d prefer to work in a London coffee shop or on the beach in Fiji, the only need is you have an internet connection and a laptop to get your work done.

Why Do eBooks Matter?

There are primary reasons why eBooks are a compelling business model in today’s online marketing environment:

  • Technology is changing the way people absorb information
  • People need content to use on their new hardware

Today’s technology has changed the way customers take in information and buy products. Some retail stores that used to dominate in the past are now suffering because customers would rather stay at home and shop online.

Sometimes Change Is Good

Although this brings about many disadvantages to local retail stores, we are going to use change in how customers prefer to interact with our advantage.

But eBooks give people the exact information they are looking for when they want it: now.

Compare that to having to go research information at the library. First, you have to go to their catalog, maybe talk to a librarian, manually look through a book for what you want to find, etc.

The computer era has brought all this to an end. Although a lot of information is available straight through Google, people are still LAZY and they will be willing to pay for information if you can give them exactly what they want.

Big technology firms are helping to build the eBook business by giving customers hardware that motivates them to want to buy eBooks. The Apple iPad, the Amazon Kindle, & big screen cell phones now let users read books wirelessly wherever they are. Customers want content to use on their new devices and by providing eBooks, it gives your customers the necessary content they need to take advantage of the latest gadget.

It’s Not the Size, It’s What You Do With It That Matters

Your business means you can write any length eBook you want

The information within your eBook can be discussed in a longer 200 pages publication or you can write a book in less than 30 pages.

Whichever option you decide, you need to make sure the content is lining up with what you promised your customers. Both options have good things and bad things, but overall, the beauty of the eBook business is you are able to run it how you want with your own terms.

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