South African: The businesses feels a expectation for the new government. So far Cyril Ramaphosa presidency inspires a level of among the sector.  the new president inherited a tough climate in the country. Ramaphosa manages in a certain way gain the constituents.

Meanwhile, a  new navigator survey HSBC touched of over 8,500 in 34 . Revealed some important information about the new business climate on South Ramaphosa Administration. This survey conducted between August and September in the entire country.

Eventually, the document transcribes a sentiment an economy about move in the right direction. This feeling the same among divers South African business people. Somehow the six into the presidency of Cyril Ramaphosa giving them hope.  Because of the progressive agenda of this new administration.

Regardless of the current domestic despair. The HSBC survey shows that 9 out of 10 respondents in South believe the near-term outlook.  Favorable for international trade and higher than the 78% of the global average.

The survey also reveals some of 91% South African business people confident their company will succeed this administration.  a great mark for the politic economic of the government who an environment-friendly for trade and businesses?

Expectations of global economic growth and in buyer/ relationships. Were often cited factors. this new optimism era for the South African population.  important detail revealed the survey. Is are top South African targeted expand their businesses.

Those are , the United States, and .

According to the same survey. South African business are afraid of some to the US-China trade war. They believed their only concern is: They want the Ramaphosa administration. some influence to up a good trade relationship with the Donald Trump administration. This the economic reason to market grow and expand in the future.

For the being, South African businesses are staying . They do  forget they are facing some of the challenging economic conditions in South . We will see along the years. Whether on Cyril Ramaphosa presidency will up to stay and bring real in the country.

The last thing I will say before ending this the move I saw in this positivism economic climate. Actually, South African businesses are prioritizing technologies. Promoting also digitization, . They are using, and analytics a to grow and compete on the .

Finally, ’s a very good . Because of business and up some optimism. They will continue to run their business with confidence to boost the economy with the support of the government.