integration has exploded popularity, so it shouldn’t be surprising that are advocating its .  There are of of users across multiple . They interact with other a daily basis. Lean 4 To Integrate into effectively.

benefits has to a marketer are clear. problem is you need to integrate it correctly.

A lot of fail pivotal second piece of puzzle.  They have some presence but all of efforts are disjointed.  You’ll need to create an interconnected web of . That all link to main site if you want to get out of it.

It all starts with content

 Without a collection of strong content main site, you won’t have much to Twitter Facebook.  Your main focus should always be on your own your goal should be to populate it with plenty of good content.

Once a site has been up running a while, it’s a good candidate social media integration.  Whenever you post something new, it should get a mention on your will help maximize the generation offered by piece of content you post.


of the best to do this is to new content on sites .  You do this with a few mouse clicks, it really is of the easiest to extend the usefulness of your content.  It also be a to subtly alert your followers to the presence of new content, will increase the initial it receives.

Quick Updates

 Sites are wonderful sending out quick updates what’s happening on your own site.  Your job is to   a few , feature type pieces at least once month.

to excitement this type of content before it gets posted.  You also continue to drive to it after posting by mentioning how popular it is how the discussion threads are.

Tumbling Around

 Tumblr is a social media platform that rarely talk .  It is actually of the popular sites on the web and is a prime for finding a younger demographic.  The beautiful part Tumblr is that you include links to your site text image Other people can then or “reblog” what you post, potentially reaching a huge audience.

The real key to social media rests in the integration.  Integrate it as a part of what you do on your , and handled as something entirely.

You’ll get the out of social media by a all leads to your main site and the offers that can be found there.  Or, if you want to have all of this done for you, click here and discover how!