It’s important to learn how to listing to your customer, and social media is the perfect tool to for much of the task. From the three decades, we used to have Internet from your desktop, your laptop, your tablet and we got the Internet of things.

That’s mean Internet is become as essential as electricity,  water or food.  The Internet is everywhere, in everything, we already left the era of smart devices now is the period of Artificial Intelligence such as virtual assistant Alexa, Siri, Echo, Cortana, Watson and more. 

some people are developing a skepticism idea the future but for us Internet marketers, bloggers we just see ahead for us infinite ocean of new opportunities, where social media engagement is considered as the key of our marketing strategy.

Because device just opens the door for our omnipresence in our prospect life, those artificial intelligence gear give us the power to sell only to qualify the potential buyer.

We know them, we understand the behavior, and we put before exactly, what will make them pull the credit out and buy, over and over nonstop.

All that is happening because we can listen to our customers, through social media engagement Ads,  we got in our big such as internet analytics software to have control of our potential prospect behavior in real-time.

Are you prepared to place in the market to make a lot of money, or are going to stay outside and let the opportunity just passed by without doing nothing?

is my to you just learn this principle:    

Training and Hiring Effective Marketers

Hire Characters

Research and Educate

Know the Power of Chats

Community Building Blocks

Respond Fast and Often

Do Not Hide from Bad Reviews