I wrote this article to alarm you, that it’s for observing how social and digital media are rapidly revolutionizing marketing by offering new tools available to a better performance daily. the other you also see order field the business marketplace hasn’t changed during the last 40 marketing made the exception because digital media, marketing, and technology constitute a perfect engages marriage for progress.

 Digital media is the main field to understand how marketers should approach the marketplace to reinvent themselves in term of strategies, , and capabilities to meet the real challenge of the nowadays realities of the ?

The Consultancy Brands and its partners conducted marketing strategies performance research study implicating 10,000 marketers from 92 countries worldwide and examined efficiently what separated high-performing marketers geek from the mass.

The study showed eventually that high performers, excelled in three specifics areas:

  • Integrating data what customers are doing with an understanding of why they are doing it;
  • Communicating a brand purpose (the functional, emotional, and societal benefits of the offering);
  • Delivering a “total experience” to customers.

By understanding those three concepts high performers marketers break down a social pattern inside the marketing message hiding discreetly to help the organization sell massively his products and to customer base highly motivate already by inducing by some persuasion technic dissimulation inside the Ads presenting in front of the prospect through digital media respectively for a certain .

To be able to give this of experience to the public and change the consumer behavior force them selecting the brand the marketers want them to buy, the high performing marketers must marketing strategy tightly to business strategy via  digital media and to other functions similar to inspire employees across the company with the brand’s purpose; in way to focus and align all of them around a few key factors as priorities; to set up agile and cross-functional teams; highly motivate and build with them an internal capabilities task force through extensive training at all levels.

It’s not surprising at all if an élite few crunch the and grab all the money due to their aggressive marketing approach, literally 100 company spent a bill for Ads Expenditure via  digital media in United States of America for a value estimated at $189.10 billion according to GroupM Forecast for the of Dec 2017 to August 2018 and those are :

Comcast, P&G, AT&T, Amazon, GM, Verizon, Ford, Spectrum, Alphabet, Samsung, American Express, Walmart, JP Morgan Chase & Co, L’Oréal, Nestle, Pfizer, Berkshire Hathaway Inc, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Johnson & Johnson, Expedia, T-Mobil, Toyota, Walt Disney, Time warner, Capital One, Merck Inventing for life, 21st Century Fox, ABInBev, Mc Donald’s, Bank of America, Target, Nike, Macy’s Inc, PepsiCo, Lvmh, Unilever, Honda, Sprint, Kohl’s, Nissan, Yum, Gsk, Marcs, Estee Lauder Companies, Viacom, The White House, The Home Depot, Progressive, Coca Cola, Apple, Lowe’s, Molson Coors, State Farm, Sanofi, Bayer, Sony, Discover, LAC, Citi, Microsoft, VW, Diageo, JCPenny, Obbvie, Allstate, Lilly, Bestbuy, Daimer, Kroger, Allergan, Kia, Walgreens, Wells Fargo, Coty, Constellation Brands, Hyundia, Reckitt Benckiser, Albertsons, ebay, Amgen, Netflix, Dish Network, Clorox, IBM, USbank, Restaurant Brands International, Lionsgate, Gap, Dell technologies, Priceline.com, Bristol Myers Aquibb, General Mills, Dr Pepper Snapple, Subway, Quicken Loans, Wayfair, Heineken, Kellogs

Some other major brand almost vacuums the leftover, in term of marketing spending share to maximize their . Basically, the list of bellow is the second class of top corporates who a high expenditure bill on marketing but also they are the to players who an important return on their investment:

ABC, Visa, Philip Morris, HasbroAIGHewlett-Packard, Fortune Brands, Kraft Heinz CompanyEA, Guess Inc, Fidelity, CVS CaremarkAOL, Hanes Brands, Bacardi, Kodak, Avis Budget Group, CenturyLink, Boeing, Levis Strauss & CoAvon, Sears, Brown Forman, MotorolaCalvin Klein, Jones Apparel, Yahoo, Ocean SprayChurch & Dwight, Liberty Mutual, Warner MusicRalph LaurenCisco Systems, Merrill Lynch, CVS Health, StarbucksColgate-Palmolive, Monster, Staples, Alberto CulverWendy’s, Revlon, Dunkin Brands, TiffanyFacebook, Reynolds American, Campbell Soup, UPSArby’s, Sara Lee, Fritolay, VF CorporationAmerican Airlines, Amway, Apollo Group, CostcoBeam Suntory, CaterpillarCBS Corporation, Charles Schwab, Chick-Fil-AChipotleConAgra, Coach, Cox Comms, Darden RestaurantsDel Monte, Delta Air LinesDiscoveryDomino’sDuracell, Edgewell, E&J Gallo, EnergizerXerox Corp, Harley Davidson, Georgia Pacific, Burger KingIntel, General Electric, Accenture, United Airlines, Tommy Hilfiger, Goldman Sachs, Dick’s Sporting GoodsSC Johnson, FedEx. E*Trade, ESPNAbbott Laboratories, Activision Blizzard, Adobe, Altria, Abéo Group, Adidas, Lyft, Uber

Those top advertisers are more powerful than any government in the world financially, they are using together high-performing marketing strategies who understand digital media to control the market, they decide what and to sell in the marketplace.

Those corporates also controlling of brands and products , those businesses are the  provider to ameliorate life quality. Those companies are in every field, every sector such as apparel, Insurance, food, hospitality, telecommunications, Internet, technology, sport, leisure, broadcast radio  & Television, education, alcohol, tobacco, real estate, investment, finance, Jewelry, , security, high-tech, automotive, agriculture, healthcare and much more.

The needs digital media for high marketing performance ability is infinite because more proactive is becoming the business world industry is more needs  the marketplace is creating, for new marketing company, new marketers, new online markers, new social media marketing specialist, to discuss the challenge to allow big and small corporations  spreading brands, products, and .

The marketers today are digital media magicians who use to generate of of millions of prospects with their credit cards wallet ready to buy everything the available for them somewhere on the marketplace. Marketing is so days consumers are just buying before they really realize they have purchased something their mind is on consuming mode constantly.

The modern digital media marketing domination is possible by the new technologies during the past decade toward today, a lucrative tool that helps marketers to engage customers in a different way more than ever. The technology tool has changed everything almost beyond recognition and any expectation with the benefit, of social media and Internet marketing. Marketing as definitively became a discipline evolved so quickly that this field only has created more millionaires than any other endeavors.

With almost very using a smart device tablets, plus the rest spent more hours behind a desktop and a laptop, exploring social media browsing on the world wild web it’s more than normal that the mega mall for shopping is e-commerce websites and in this arena, every company succeed at using digital media marketing.

The only thing the business has to do is using the technology tools of social media marketing and Internet marketing, the more the company needs to break the gap of in his favor, and more brand new strong marketing tactic is needs to come with to expand its domination on the Internet.

Marketing becomes a hybrid science in constant mutation for innovation to associate and merge the old technic with the new running perfectly on the technology platform of the Internet, Marketers understand that their organizations need an overhaul, and many chief marketing officers are tearing up their org .

But the study also revealed hundreds of global marketing organizations, we’ve that those CMOs are struggling with how to draw the new chart to answer a specific question: What does the ideal structure look like?

The answer is simple to this question. This blueprint does not exist .

But you probably bring the answer by becoming may the next highly effective Marketers guru who dominate social media and Internet marketing.