Six Strategies for Gaining Instagram Followers

As continues its meteoric rise in both monthly user base and saturation metrics, it for businesses to get on board. Statistics show that engagement on is much than either or Twitter. Not making a part of your is a mistake your cannot to make.

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With that in mind, a few strategies on how to grow your Instagram following:

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Post Daily

Get into a flow posting to Instagram, but don’t inundate your followers with . A few a day is ideal . Quality combined with consistency will do more to drive up your of followers than flooding their feeds will.

Share on a basis so can discover works for and your . Provide , , and ’ll be rewarded with not only more supporters, but followers that in your content.

Promote User Content

A to user content is to take fantastic content from other creators, and put it on your Instagram account. Be sure to give to original producer of material, though. Show off unique and uncommon stories your users to tell, and do, make sure to add hashtags that point back to your .

Photo Contest

contests a fun way to share your brand while gathering photos from followers under a theme. Be sure to get involved in contest yourself while sharing it across multiple platforms. But don’t be in a hurry. users to hear about the contest and .

Make sure the rules are clear and concise, so you avoid confusion with the contest. If you’re unsure of how to proceed, find a business to partner up and double the audience.


Understand Hashtags

Hashtags are an essential part of Instagram, and using the right hashtag can make the difference between a that falls flat and one that shoots to the top of your followers feeds.

To determine the appropriate hashtags to use, peruse the content of those similar to your own. You can search for and record hashtags that are relevant to your brand, then use in your content to drive traffic to your business.

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Filter Selection

Instagram filters are fun, but also a confusing. Which ones should you use to drive views and engagement? Pay attention to the responses you depending on the filter you use. Some tend to lead to more views, while others contribute to a of comments. Play around with and find the ones that for your business.

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Really engage with your followers. A of all the greatest and tricks will be , but they’re never going to compete with rolling up your sleeves and getting dirty on the platform. Be intentional about leaving thoughtful, comments, photos that strike you as meaningful.

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Find people to follow on a basis, interact with , and to their questions and comments. Doing so will in and organic growth for your Instagram platform.

Gaining followings on other media networks can feel you’re beating your head against a wall, but that doesn’t to be the case with Instagram. , quality content and connect with your followers.

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The way you engage with your followers will a direct impact on how your account increases. If you’re willing to others, word will spread, and growth will occur. For additional , you can check out for more.