Sellers: eBay filed lawsuit against ! Why?

Because the company accusing Amazon of approaching illegally sellers. Today continues grow and raising shine the online in the rivals are by complaint some unethical practice of the giant. For often crossing the legal barrier against them.

 In particular one the Amazon . filed lawsuit against Amazon on Wednesday, October 17th, 2018 in Santa Clara County in California. The reason accusing Amazon of stealing its high-value customer them. Amazon do that?

the same document, says ’s Amazon fraudulently infiltrating internal messaging M2M take its high-value buyers . eBay also says that its is intentionally “unwilling compete for -party .” Amazon categorically rejected the idea of un proper behavior against eBay. Nevertheless non- of the company wants comment on the lawsuit.

eBay says Amazon conduct is shame because company violated its user agreement policies and “induced eBay sellers do the same.” eBays complained by the that “Amazon’s misuse of eBay’s M2M been coordinated, targeted, and designed inflict harm on eBay”.  Amazon indeed coordinates his and build up a customer representative team. Specialize of using M2M messaging eBay high value .

a matter of one of the Amazon sales representatives. participated in stealing corporate espionage against ebay. Describe he worked as a “hunter/recruiter” for Amazon. Searching for sellers to convince them they can do on the Amazon . To find out this big Amazon scam against eBay.

eBay as the messaging system to looking for illegal use and said observed that messages sent by a “large ” of Amazon representatives indicated that they were attempting to avoid detection. eBay says Amazon practiced these illegal for years. unfortunately, eBay find out what happened to them.  Why the were losing so high-value sellers along the years.

eBay finally find out the leak a of ago because eBay reported Amazon illegal practiced to a representative. eBay saw the critical effects the sent immediately a cease-and-desist letter to Amazon. For now, eBay submitted the case on the court and the complaint as damages will be determined by a jury trial.

now we to wait. take months a to know the outcome of this lawsuit eBay Vs. Amazon.

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