Thinking your autopilot in your personal and customize customize -Driving Car running on Openpilot technology, is definitely possible if just buy what is necessary and do yourself without paying of dollars big corporations such as Tesla.

If are the type of curious mind person refuses to accept the limitation any limitation yourself and want to customize your -driving car I got good news you.

On the marketplace are types of you buy from any dealership they are already equipped electronic name: “Advanced -Assistance Systems (ADAS) pre-.

The ADAS technology is -known the nickname: Tesla’s Autopilot, because this company was the corporate, used in the car industry on commercial level.

So what happened today is so amazing and I tell you why is open- setup out available online called Openpilot company name

This Openpilot was developed a well-known hacker name: “George Hotz”, turned down offer from Tesla CEO Elon Musk to develop the California automaker’s -driving technology in 2015.

This Self-Driving Car Openpilot technology, uses the actuators inside available today to accelerate, brake and steer and run freely on autopilot you by yourself the demonstration on the video below.

Technology to be invented or adopted. – Jared Diamond

Nevertheless, to take advantage this Self-Driving Car running on Openpilot technology, you need to decide by yourself because we ’t say exactly well the software works overall and if it’s approved by the law and respect the safety regulation.

what we can say this Self-Driving Car running on Openpilot technology, undisputedly works and do a decent in the Chevy Volt in the video above.

The same system can work other car models on the market can tell you more the and give you a list of .

, for your safety concern, we don’t think to run this Self-Driving Car running on Openpilot technology, or any other similar system, without your hands on the wheel is kind acceptable for now.

Until you drive many of miles the system working on your and after your appreciation you decide on your if you can trust it still one hundred remember the Tesla models using a similar system by auto industry and sold the marketplace today those crashed on driven autopilot too, it is appear in a very lower level happened this a because it’s growing system that still needs improvement.

If you are bold and you want to give a try to this Self-Driving Car running on Openpilot technology, is a very elaborate of informative video to show you everything the kit and to it and in your quietly .

If you are a very pragmatic person who is open mind to any new technology but, thinking about your safety you want also the videos linked this article and sit back to observe this system can be installed, maybe you will need to do it someday who knows?


Experience description from the video:

Information : Openpilot from driving my 2017 Chevy Volt Adaptive Cruise Control package. For hardware needed and setup involved, check out the video and the guide. Handling a steep turn: :45 -and-go traffic: 26:50 Project page and the guide: Support & community: #gm channel of https://comma.. :


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