Today let me introduce you to Baidu the Awaken biggest Chinese language Internet search provider that now defeating google on the different market all over the world.  You are not familiar with this band name let me tell strait every famous internet website in the world must have some Baidu backlink into them to drive them online traffic. That includes Google, Facebook, youtube, Amazon, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Cnn, Netflix, Forbes or any major business in America or on the world. Do you wonder why is because Baidu is the 4th large Internet company today in the world ready to defeating  Google, Youtube, and Facebook just a few step ahead of them in the worldwide Internet website ranking list battleground and may happening before the end of this year?

Now the question you are probably you are asking yourself may be what is Baidu?  What is this article is talking about? Don’t be a shame I did the same too before I find out about this wonderful internet giant awaken name Baidu. So let’s do a little history on this. Before 200 which is the year of the apparition of  Baidu, there was Google China for China; the unique credible search engine for this big nation of China. Then Google gets himself on trouble with the Chinese authority, consequences the Chinese government banned Google then a door was open for a new opportunity to some investor and innovation technology engineer to create a new company name’s Baidu now become well established  since big arena big public corporation as Microsoft, Bing, Google, Alphabet, Amazon as a well know search engine better then the traditional one.  

Baidu is Awaken Internet giant because is a Chinese language Internet search provider. Baidu platform enables users to find information online, including Web pages, news, images, documents and multimedia files, through links provided on its Website native Chinese language and other Chinese dialects. It took Baidu exactly 13 years to open an AI research lab in Silicon Valley in 2013. From that move has been up to producing also investing heavily in every now fashionable arm of AI – from automated personal assistants to autonomous cars and healthcare like Google. Also, the company competes with giant Chinese brands like Tencent and Alibaba when it comes to AI technology.

Since that day the battle began, Baidu AI center has and continue to focus on machine learning, big data, Internet cloud, Internet research algorithm,  Internet marketing, advertising, SEO Optimization, Keyword, Internet ranking and AI combined. Baidu Research started his operation headed by chief scientist Andrew Ng. Baidu offer to Haifeng Wang the challenge to conduct research the research center to push the company to the limit. Vice President

Haifeng Wang, Ph.D., joined Baidu in 2010 and was promoted to vice president in October 2013. Dr. Wang is now in charge of the Artificial Intelligence Group (AIG) and is head of Baidu Research, overseeing Baidu’s R&D efforts in machine learning, big data, computer vision, natural language processing, speech technology, knowledge graph, augmented reality, etc. In 2014, he became vice general manager of the search business, in charge of Baidu’s core search products. Prior to Baidu, he had been the chief research scientist at Toshiba China’s R&D Center from 2002 to 2010.

This young ambitious and intelligent mind Dr. Wang is a perfectionist he has an obsession with doing things spectacularly right, he has brought with him a dream team, with the top  talent brighter intelligent people he had worked them in the past when he was the president of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL) in 2013,  vice president of Chinese Institute of Electronics, CyberSecurity , Association of China, and Chinese Information Processing Society of China,  adjunct professor at the Harbin Institute of Technology, where he obtained his bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. degrees in computer science.

His Mission is to make Baidu Number  Internet platform in the world to defeat everyone in the even the other Chinese giants as Alibaba. He has published around 100 academic papers relating to the development of artificial intelligence technologies, specifically in machine translation and natural language processing. Dr. Wang was honored the Second Prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award in 2015, and the National Scientific Innovation and Advancement Award in 2017.

With the top technology scientists in the world working together in a dream team, with an incredible source of financing what did Baidu had in the last seventeen years. Before we going to that let me run some numbers for you according to the worth of web calculator is the 4th best Internet company in the world just behing,, respectively number 1, 2 and 3.  The estimated worth of this website: $ 16,000,000,000  /  Estimated revenue per day: $ 4,499,999  / Estimated revenue per month: $ 134,999,970  / Estimated revenue per year: $ 1,619,999,640 / Estimated visits per day: 300,000,000 visits / Estimated visits per month: 9,000,000,000 visits / Estimated visits per year: 108,000,000,000 visits / Estimated pageviews per day: 1,499,999,910 page viewsEstimated pageviews per month: 44,999,997,300 page views /  Estimated pageviews per year: 539,999,967,600 page views.



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