Samuel Umtiti leads France to final! is a day France because is FIFA World Cup Russia 2018 finals, as every match, as is challenge and revealed an amazing , semi-final Belgium versus France football experienced of Samuel Umtiti went out of box as a defender to put signature on unique goal of game and of door his team this world finals.

If never a game of soccer will never understand what a victory of 1-0 mean, this most prestigious outcome of a game  winning team can and must humiliate defeat defeated team can face when can’t overcome goal to at least break the match even.

This a historical moment the France history to be to come on a finals podium  20 years later, the amazing thing is Didier Deschamps the head coach was of the top players win the the time against  in 198. And the 198 Final was an amazing football match that was played on 12 July 198 at the Stade de France in Saint-Denis to decide the winner of the 1998 FIFA World Cup.

The final was contested by Brazil, were the defending champions having won the earlier FIFA World Cup four years earlier in 1994,and the host nation France, had reached the final of the tournament for the time.France won the match 3–0 and win the for the time, the timing of the match two before Bastille Day adding to the significance of the victory. Zinedine Zidane, who was named the man of the match, scored twice before -time and Emmanuel Petit added a goal in the last minute. The match had an attendance in the of 75,000.

is a era, a France team full of talented players and very young also, the average age of the players starts from 19 to 25 years old that’s what makes this team payer really fast,  front line very and defense wall solid as a rock this semi-final against Belgium we had a particular feeling to appreciate the experienced and talented Samuel Umtiti who played so so professional and even scored to France to the final.

Samuel Umtiti made history played the pivotal role in sending France the Final, Didier Deschamps also made history as the coach who has France team played at the World Cup he surpasses the record of his old coach Raymond Domenech and Michel Hidalgo on Tuesday, Didier Deschamps will write another page of history and  extend that record even further on Sunday regardless France win the world cup.

Today France is in heaven waiting for what , walking on at the time to final waiting for Croatia, England for the Final, on 15 July, in Moscow. For now, the party started in
Saint Petersburg to continue on the Champs Elysee Blouvard in to all over the world where people living, bay saying those sentences, Allez ! Vas y ! Bravo !

17 – RAMI DEFENDER, Age: 32 
22 – MENDY DEFENDER, Age: 23
8 – LEMAR FORWARD, Age: 22
10 – MBAPPE FORWARD, Age: 19
18 – FEKIR FORWARD, Age: 24