Salute to America A Total Disgrace for the country and a personal gaff for the President!

Trump salute to America parade was everything else, but not nothing to do with honoring the troops honoring the memory our heroes and ancestors.

However, during this 4th July re baptize by President Donald Trump Salute to America, a boring where the President delivered a speech full Wikipedia boring history content for 4th grade students.

Meanwhile, President Donald Trump offered to the public during his speech is own interpretation the declaration the independence by saying quote: “ All men created equal. But is created more equal than others. And name is Donald Trump”.

During his speech at Memorial in Washington, President Trump speak closed to the spot where Martin Luther King jr. delivered the speech: “I a dream speech”.

Nonetheless, this 4th July salute to America was in washing was a total disgrace for the place where, according to many protesters who believed that Donald Trump has honoree the site by bringing politics into the independence day celebration.

The reality is President Donald Trump delivered his speech in-front a group his supporters, wearing Make America Great Again T-shirt and Hat. The was truly another Trump rally paid by the tax payer money.

But, the president involvement in this 4th July celebration was a total gaffe, as usual the president blames someone or something for hos miss step instead himself.

In this particular mister Trump went after the teleprompter. However the President Donald Trump claims vindictively that the teleprompter was quote: “Kaput” to trying to describe his anachronism and evasive ridiculous independence day speech.

Trump speech was so full lies and false claim that we asking ourselves does he do that by mistake or by total ignorance the basic facts the American History.

Keep in mind, that President Trump told the audience the Salute America 4th July the Continental Army “took over the airports” during the American Revolutionary War in the 1770s.

When everybody known for that is untruth because we all know for real there was no air travel in 18th Century America.

The big question is can President Donald Trump put this kind false statement the teleprompter. However when Mister Trump was asking this mistake in his speech. He explaining by a flip-flap move by saying it was hard to read the teleprompter in the rain.

It was also noticeable that President Donald Trump “Salute to America” speech at the Memorial Thursday. Went and far behind honoring our troops and the military.

Because, Trump went all the way back in history talking the year 1775 when he said: “Our army manned the air, it rammed the ramparts, it took over the airports, it did everything it had to do.”

We must pointed out for our readers this another false statement again. Because it’s materially impossible for the rebels to seized any airports more than a century before the Wright brothers in 1903 took off from the first in the first ever made aircraft.

Trump went for another false statement in the same sentence, by namely the battle at Fort McHenry to the American Revolution, when this historical unfolded decades later during the War 1812.

What was so hilarious is outside the White House Friday, when a journalist was asked Mr Trump what he was saying during his Salute America speech he calmly said: “I guess the rain knocked out the teleprompter.

The president continued by affirming quote: “I knew the speech very so I was able to do it without a teleprompter but the teleprompter did go out and it was actually hard to look at anyway because there was rain all over it but despite the rain it was just a fantastic evening.”

Donald Trump answer to the question as he departed with First Lady Melania Trump for the weekend to his golf club in Bedminster, New Jersey.

As we all notice “Salute to America” by Donald Trump was simple American disgrace moment where the president performed himself as clown in front crowd talking nonsense and destroying our nation fathers legacy which is this country United States America..