Robert Kraft, Money, Sex, Prostitution, Influence & Affluence Equal to Scandal for the American Public!

How it’s possible that influence Robert Kraft A Prostitution and Human Network Scandal?

Town Florida: is a well known quiet town located on the southeastern coast of Florida. Offering a beautiful from a hill overlooking the River, the red 1860 Inlet Lighthouse offers panoramic views.

This town is also known as the site also of a preserved pioneer-era homestead and a museum devoted to regional history, housed in a WWII U.S. Navy .

, this town is by Beach faces the Atlantic Ocean. Running along the beachfront, Carlin Park which is a beautiful place with playgrounds and tennis courts for family and kids to hang out together.

Likewise today Jupiter town is hitting the news and becoming a name in the spotlight of all media and cable network nationwide. After the Jupiter Police announced that New England owner Robert Kraft is being charged with counts.

One is for by the authorities after caught on camera of paying for sex at of Day Spa in Jupiter.

On top of Robert Kraft is also charged for being an active member human ring. A kind of of wealthy folks, using the inner circle of a spot name’s of Day Spa in Jupiter town in Florida to operate their criminal activities.

Robert Kraft until this announcement of being charged with counts for by paying for sex by the police department of Jupiter town has known as billionaire philanthropist.

Nevertheless, Robert Kraft is most known in the sporting world as the owner of the NFL’s New England Patriots. In fact, he also was awarded the for the Genesis Prize as of the leaders of Jewish heritage.

He’s also known as generous donors who made a to charity causes and philanthropic activities to improving the world and it a better place.

During the last decades Robert Kraft as donating over $400 as his personal contribution for different social causes broadly speaking.

He contributed to goodwill in and much more by financing youth empowerment programs and families support activities around the world by assisting programs that foster cultural diversity, education, family and health.

Meanwhile, today the news came out as a bombshell to that Robert Kraft, his finding in a kind of disgraceful situation. As a that he is charged in Florida with by associating with a group of accused today operating a network of organized prostitution and human trafficking.

, a spokesperson from working for Robert Kraft declared that Kraft has denied any illegal in what he was doing.

All consider this will certainly have legal jeopardy, to Robert Kraft that can be expended to all businesses in which he associates .

By all means, disciplinary action from the NFL against Robert Kraft is expecting in the next 48 hours to avoid the league legal trouble from potential grassroots organizations associated with the #MeToo movement.

From this news, the New England franchise also can be affected , be Robert Kraft his the face of the organization as the same level as the players in term of media .

According to the spokeswoman for Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker, the governor office “finds allegations deeply and condemns all acts of sexual exploitation.”

The story development is widely covered that even Trump has opined the case. Donald Trump told reporters in the Oval Office that he was “surprised” to learn Robert Kraft prostitution charges. He expected the owner has denied doing anything illegal.

Minutes after Trump commentary a chain from the public and particularly women exploded on Twitter to protest by denouncing Donald Trump comments. Because according to the public on twitter Trump his himself solicited pornstars service very often.

The Jupiter Town police department and then the investigators working on the case say they are all kind of evidence to prove the case. pieces of evidence contain videos of the Robert Kraft and friends actually paid for sex at the Asian massage parlor.

Because, according to police officials were able to induce a spy surveillance camera inside the of Day Spa parlor in Jupiter, Florida to collecting audiovisual evidence the illicit activities conducted inside this business daily.

In sum, the police collected a broad list of different sex acts performed on 26 men who entered the business from the time the spy camera was installed.

It appears that one of them according to the police say is Robert Kraft himself. As Robert Kraft is a well-known person from the media his name was leaked to the cable to the journalist who made the story became public.

The rest of the 25 wealthy from the list was publicly revealed so far from the Jupiter police department. , the Jupiter police department describe the surveillance video in detail of the repetitive pattern of from 26 men in this spa space.

Their tactic is the men would enter the spa as their come for a body massage and upfront by or and a debit card before being escorted back into a private massage room different from the one that regular customer use.

In which room, the V.I.P’s wealthy men including Robert Kraft would be joined by two Asian women more to perform sex acts using their hands and mouths and vaginal intercourse with them.

Robert is 77 years old and now he is charged with 2 counts of “soliciting to commit prostitution,” according to Jupiter Police Chief Daniel Kerr.

Keep in mind that Robert Kraft is a billionaire with a nerd wallet of assets worthing of more than $6 BILLION according to Forbes wealth classification list.

He was married to Myra Kraft from 1963 to 2011 with the she passed away. since Robert Kraft dated Ricki Noel Lander since 2012 mother of a child that she declared that Robert Kraft is the biological father.

The Robert Kraft soliciting prostitution is still developing certainly in the hours or coming more revelation him and the other 25 linked with the Orchids of Asia Day Spa parlor prostitution and international human trafficking of Jupiter town in Florida may be revealed to the public soon.