In today’s article, I will take you straight to Colorado El Paso County to visiting a man who lives with Passion, establish a Collection, with Obsession, he even creates a Museum of FireArms he is: Dragonman Is The Most Armed Man In America!

But before I walk you the Dragon Man compound, let me tell you in this mass shooting debate trending in the news putting face to face pro-firearms fanatics vs anti-firearms advocate, a legal battle between the second amendment defender and the universal background check activists, between mainstream media vs NRA  and finally between politicians and regular citizens.

Whoever you are in America you are exposing in between this two bellicose rhetoric pro-firearms and anti-firearms. It seems there is no way some citizens will find common ground to live together in peace and let everyone living they passion and even if they are pro-firearms or anti-firearms.

Disclaimer: The video content may not for everyone the scene content firearms display.

This question has been bordering me a lot, when I saw on tv victims and parent crying they lost and some propaganda pro-firearms go in the hard-line and let division, hatred inflammatory language poisoning our daily conversation on a subject that matter for everyone in this country.

In my personal research among why Americans people are so attaching to guns. So I had spent weeks digging reading books, magazines,  searching online to find any evidence that can enlighten me on the subject. During the last few weeks, I went to different websites pro and anti-firearms, subscribe to mains stream media and NRA newsletters to observe the antagonistic parallel between those two social forces fighting in the American society.

Then by inadvertence, I find a video of the Dragonman: The Most Armed Man In America! Who is Passionate of guns, a  point to build a collection he said to honor the soldiers, but his obsession with the past in firearms history, motivate him to create the most equipped Museum firearms, military evolution, and war history in the world.

My question is how come The Most Armed Man In America! is able to create a business which became over the years the most friendly place full loaded with a massive collection or arms.  From survivor knife, samurai sword, handguns, rifles, machine guns, tanks, rockets and much more.

Like it or not this man just did an amazing job, he creates and an educational and recreational compound where people can visit even if they are pro-firearms or anti-firearms, everyone will learn from they own perspective what is the firearms history and even try to shoot with the arms of the choice in the shooting range.

After an experience like I believe the individual will leave the compound with a better understanding of what is the feeling to be a pro or antifirearms. I am almost certain that the visitor will understand that firearms can be a sport or recreational activities and educational subject to learn and try to understand why some people will not let others take the second amendment away from them.

On the other hand, two important question remains:

Somebody can have a place full loaded with guns, that individual can even be Dragonman: The Most Armed Man In America! Be a pacifist make your place a safe place to serve your community?

What makes mass shooting happened often in America?

Whit out trying to answer those to question, I have pointed it out one thing,  the owner of a car collection is not the one who drive under influence alcohol to provocate car accident often, a computer nerd is not a hacker at all and so on. In the same way, the individuals who purchase a firearm with a bad intention and unfortunately used is a weakness as a carrot, to hide his or her identity behind a gun to shoot and kill innocent people massively.  Instead of used this firearm as a self-protection against potential aggression it’s against the 2nd Amendment and against the American society also by creating terror act in this country.

Now is time for me to invite you to join me and addressing the true nature of the problem together. By questioning ourselves and saying does anybody with mental illness should own a gun? Does the country strong regulation to apply universal background check before allowing an individual to purchase before firearm. Finally, ask the politicians to put in place a  structure that can stop illegal guns to get in the market.

Door to door between individuals with no license to sell firearms is operating in a shadowy location not well-known to the public and the public authorities to with no fear.  I wrap-up my text here, I know some people pro or anti-firearms will react spontaneously either positively or negatively, so let’s do this interaction in the comment section with love and respect for each other with no offensive words, please make your point no body’s perfect and let’s continue the talk the article will on a person antifire arms.