Palm Oil: Russia Third Products. What reason make Russian consuming often palm oil? In Russia, palm oil entered pinnacle products in physical phrases in dynamics in contrast with corresponding duration closing . Based Rosstat, analyzed the import fundamental food products January to July 2018.

to the effects the . Bananas became the in the 7 of 2018. 958 thousand tons. In the second place palm oil 550 thousand tons. In the 0.33 vicinity potatoes 543 thousand tons. Commented  Kaliningrad insider who required anonymous. 

But what makes palm oil so famous in Russia?

“Import volumes of palm oil are in particular due to its . This the cheapest oil-fat analogs, ”expert Nina Kozlova explained the prevalence of the . “Palm oil five times less expensive than olive oil.  10% less expensive than another product the group which sunflower oil.

Today, are trying to limit prices at all stages of production. The unpleasant moment is palm oil is regularly used to products with consumer features than those the expects, ”said Nina Kozlova.

“Despite frequent myths the of palm oil health. In particular, increasing serum cholesterol levels. Increasing the danger of obesity. Cardiovascular oncological diseases, etc.. Nonetheless is no dependable scientific evidence of effects”, instructed specialist Sergey Morozov.

“All the , palm oil and its fractions viewed common fit oils consuming. Risks to health are becoming concern using excessive consumption of palm oil with food. Its falsification, non-compliance with the norms of , , and purification.  In accordance with mounted and recognized rules, ”the expert says.

The least of the foremost food products  in Russia are maize 34.5 thousand tons. Sunflower oil 17.1 thousand heaps and sugar 3.3 thousand tons.  the , the quantity of import of clean fish remained nearly unchanged 222 tons. An enlarge of solely 0.6% in contrast with the corresponding duration in 2017.

The same 222 tons is eating up with the aid of Russians and meat. , this is solely 63.2% of the of meat imports in the 7 of 2017. Thus, we see that meat imports to Russia the yr diminished significantly.

to the dynamics of import to Russia, palm oil is among the most imported products. Thus, the largest dynamics of import volumes in the 7 of 2018 was once in the import of sunflower oil, clean apples, and palm oil.

In January to July 2018, sunflower oil imported to Russia means was 45.9% than in the corresponding period of 2017. Apples were 42.2% greater than in January July 2017, and palm oil – 19% .

“The consumption of palm oil meals purposes is developing in all countries of the and the Russian Federation is chief in this regard. In particular, palm oil is used in the baking enterprise and in the manufacture of confectionery products – phase of confectionery fats, margarine, and spreads.

In , palm oil is broadly used in the dairy enterprise for the production of milk-containing products with milk fat substitute, specialized products for feeding teens – substitutes for ’s milk, ”said specialist Vladimir Bessonov.

stated, are classes of goods whose imports have declined significantly. Thus, the import volumes of powdered milk, cream 53.9% from the volumes of the corresponding period of 2017 and onions with garlic 50.5% from the volumes of January-July 2017 decreased by a . Raw sugar imported 37.9% of the first seven months of 2017.