Ohio primary election 2018, Democrats Make Big Shift To . We observed since the last 2016 election, the American Electoral is polarizing, dividing, backlash in a were demagogues bigots no longer work in the closet but invest the political arena since phenomena became the norms for doing politics investing public office.

As a result of the American democratic values. It’s in now comparable to a third dictatorial regime. Where opinion diversity is no longer acceptable. Bipartisan compromise is now obsolete, lies, tweets, diplomatic. government information leaking on the media often. In the White west wing become the Broadway play for respective scandals.

regime is horrible operates by executive orders justifications the President acquaintances misconduct, lies, legal persecution for all offenses even harsh money to adult film actresses.

Nevertheless, in this chaotic situation, the is now in the borderline to implosion. Experienced from camp even real official preferred chooses retirement as an exit . Instead of addressing strait the and defend the .

Despite, inside the country,  street protests raising up every week started from the President Donald Trump investiture to now, we have seen all from the student in elementary to high school, following by teachers, women, labor unions workers, DACA recipients, immigrants, Muslims anti-travel , Lives Matter, just named it we have since all.

Meanwhile, from the pro-regime side, we have seen, Alt-Right, White Supremacist, Pro-, NRA,  Neo-Conservative, Pro-War, Conspiracy Theory fundamentalist activist, Trumpet usually called Trump Base Super PACT defendant president and attacking as the election was never ended te want to see her going to jail.

Under those circumstances, the nation needs a line of leadership. Because the population criticizing both side Democrats and .  Even since the last special election, where the Democrats have been able to overcome important in deep red anchor territories.

That’s maybe  warm who expecting a big wave in November, and the situation put enormous pressure on the camps who anxious an eventuality to lost the majority in the House and in the Senate in this midterm election.

, in a moderate, swing-state, Democratic voters have an active, vibrant primary on hands.  for the candidates who can deliver the message and get the job done in ,  Ohio is one of those states where four Democratic candidates have battled to prove progressive credentials.

To point out, In Ohio as contend for party’s nomination in the upcoming gubernatorial race this fall. primary showdown will likely be one of the closely watched contests. Tuesday night as primary voters in four East Coast and Midwest states head to the polls.

The former director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, Democrat Richard Cordray, and former Democratic congressman and presidential candidate Dennis Kucinich, have been snagging of the headlines and high-profile endorsements in the race as of late.

Cordray threw his in the ring early on and has enjoyed steadfast support from Massachusetts’s Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who helped form the CFPB and hand-picked Cordray for the job. Warren campaigned for Cordray in Ohio this spring and talked him as a valued colleague.

“In Ohio, Rich isn’t going on the ballot alone. For this reason ” Warren wrote in a fundraising email for Cordray last fall. “The consumer agency will be right along with him. will be of people who take shots at the agency to undermine Rich. I want to make sure he has the resources he needs to fight back and defend the agency.”

To put it another way, Cordray has been quick to pitch ideas for universal pre-k, health care, and clean energy. This primary opponent has dogged him the issue of gun control.

Campaigning around the state. Kucinich, 71, has been seen wearing an “F” pin on his lapel to signal to voters. His grade from the National Rifle Association. On the trail, he has hit Cordray for being softer on the issue.

Kucinich backs an -weapons . Cordray has supported incremental gun safety measures, universal background checks.

Kucinich has -recognition in the state and nationwide. And, though he entered the race late. He has steadily has picked up endorsements from progressive groups.

On the other hand In a rare break from the Warren, Sen. Bernie Sanders’ political advocacy group, ‘Our Revolution,’ endorsed Kucinich. The former mayor proposed a Medicare-for-all health care plan for the state a few weeks ago and won an endorsement from National Nurses United union, an active group that backed Sanders’ presidential run.

Ohio’s sitting governor, moderate Republican John Kasich, has reached his term limits, so are active primaries underway in both parties. Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine and Kasich’s Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor has battled it out in the Republican primary and largely distanced themselves from Kasich and his policies.

Chair of the Ohio Democratic Party. told ABC New there are no worries his candidates eking too far to the . Pointing to issues the state . and protecting the Medicaid expansion that Kasich put in place. Pepper argued that the Democratic candidates’ were middle of the road in the state.

 Generally speaking with overlap with John Kasich than the current Republican candidates have.”

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