The State Of living a surge of Diseases deaths plus New Tested Cases daily!

Life in state is precious nowadays, and extremely in the big apple. The city of New-York experiencing an apocalyptic moment in history. Frankly, the scene is terribly sad in this community people are talking about numbers.

Whenever people the numbers the become more and more stressful death are everywhere in the community. Meanwhile, the hospital improvises by installing various frigorific trailers alongside the streets to stock-up dead bodies.

Because the hospitals are overflood with a deluge of cadavers yesterday the record was statewide 250 deaths, with 66,000 now infected.

Nevertheless, at the precise moment where I am writing this post, AKA is surging day by day, and new cases of infected people are invading the hospitals every single minute.

As Andrew Cuomo Governor Of New-York and Bill Diblasio, the Mayor of . Both are doing an excellent job to coordinate the emergency response in this crisis.

Meanwhile, this two authority and public servant announcing that the State Department of Health Will Work With Statewide Healthcare Systems to Create a Command Center to Share Information About Supplies Among Hospitals.

At the same time, they also announce the first 1,000-Bed Temporary Hospital at Jacob K. Javits Convention Center is open and starting to accept patients rapidly.

So far it is confirmed 6,984 additional Cases in New York State just today, bringing the numbers statewide to a total of 66,497 all over 43 Counties combined.

Governor Cuomo reaffirms to the public to observe CDC guidelines for safety because the situation is painfully clear now, because. “There’s no question as to the grief and the loss of life.”

As Gov. Cuomo spoke from Manhattan’s Javits Center he confirmed 6,984 additional cases of new coronavirus cases, bringing the statewide total to 66,497 confirmed cases in New York State. Of the 66,497 total individuals who tested positive for the virus, the geographic breakdown is as follows: