Mysticism: An article that invite you in a Voyage inside the drak street of holistic faith and spirituality for 2020?

Understand the concept of mysticism requires us to dig under the surface of the universe. To extract some important knowledge enfolding inside a mysterious envelope. Where the term spirituality is clearly mentioned.

Meanwhile, if you choose like us to do this simple exercise. You discover a better appreciation that helps you answer.

why Being always believe they need a Supernatural power. To guide them, protect them, support them, accompany them in daily basis activities?

However, the concept of mysticism can be very tricky. Because it’s always been there, and always been present inside all societies. During all ages since the beginning of Humanity.

Often Mysticism is associated with another concept. That is present in the collective subconscious narrative of the worldwide population. Under the nickname of faith.

Faith, wich himself is another controversial concept separately. That needs its proper article. But for now, we concentrate our focus on Mysticism only.

I don’t know if you notice in each faith, in each religion, in each spirituality pathway there is a current of Mysticism.

But, at the same time, the mystics separate themselves from the crowd, the group, the sect, the community or the society and recognize in sort as a super being.

All of a sudden it’s seem universal that the mystic is a kind of a super being. Who got a superpower to communicate with the Devine.

Whom act as the Devine personal assistance to interfere among humankind as god messenger for them.

Such possibilities made the mystics become an enlightened automatically. The mystics considering as people who own a certain level of knowledge.

A secret wisdom about faith and the spirituality practising by others their community.

This secret knowledge gives the Mystic a philosophical view. About how things must be done by people who them.

Keep in mind the followers people who seeking to find what they need. During a long their spiritual journey in this third dimension life in the universe.

Because of the Mystics special, spirituals being. There manage themselves to leverage their position.

In a ceratain way to acquire materials possessions to enrich themselves.

Keep in mind people who following these mystics. Must separate themselves from all attachment to materials things.

Because these materials things accpording to the mystics. hold them back to pursue their spiritual journal toward enlightenment and the Devine.

What a contrast, to deal with! The who is mystic offers a divine blessing. In exchange for goods, money, fame, power, wealth, political and social affluence to the mass.

But the mass should renounce to all these wonderful things to find the inner peace of being blessed by the Mystic’s who guide them.

In this -day. Pastors, priests, imams, gurus, coaches, spiritual guide. As well as Mediums, psychics, storytellers, tycoons, mentors, wellness guide.

Including new-age theosophists, yoga instructors, nutritionist specialist. Combined with mind control virtuous, motivational speakers.

All of them operate under brotherhoods, fraternities, sects, spirituality and faith groups you it.

There all, offering all kind of nonsensical scams out there. There enrolling second on the internet or on-site new and stole people money.

All this happened on behalf of mysticism and spirituality blessingng for an holistic wellbeingness.

family in America have at least a minimum of two of these types of scams.

These holistic scams according to the Global Wellness Institute, was a $4.2 trillion industry in 2017. all incluisive with $639 billion dedicated to R;wellness tourism.”

However, in 2019, people jumping blindly to join well-being for a simple chance to escape from stress during some 7 days exorbitant retreat, to unplug from their everyday reality.

At the same time, there sinking themselves into credit cards debt. For the benefit to reset their pain and start a new more profound.

But, this is soft by the fact it is for good cause. On behalf of wellness, spirituality and mysticism.

Undestand that Global health expenditures are $7.3 trillion, based on WHO data.

The wellness industry represents 5.3 per cent of global economic output. Among the 10 wellness markets analyzed. Revenue growth from 2015–2017 per annum were the spa industry 9.8 per cent.

Keep in mind that wellness is also a tourism sector 6.5 per cent and a wellness real estate wich a 6.4 per cent of the filed.

thing is sure mysticism, faith, spirituality, continue hope to people, who sick for an unknown blessing.

But in the midtime for those who understand the scam and operate it will to enrich themselves with the material blessing of wealth.

As the problem says, the people mind with mysticism and spiritual hope to keep them away from the home to become wealthy.