! never ever stopping coming regularly permanently, night, weekdays, weekends holidays vacation you name it. Until you stop to do receive it because:

“If you don’t find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work until you die.” Warren Buffet

While You are sleeping 16 per day you are surprised that you are broke.
While mind is permanently sleep state you seem understand that you are living below means.
Why you are wasting on phone gossiping, talking nonsense and never take action with your you are complaining your .
While you never read any book, and you are expecting to understand and you do even realize that social dynamic already left you behind.
When loosing your precious time on , watching crap. Laughing not valuable and not relevant contents. You just become the slave of the publisher that making money your time-consuming. The of crap he created to keep you stupid and become wealthy your ignorance.
While you are giving away your without any security restriction. Then you are complaining Facebook any other your privacy gives me a break.
When most of your surrounding , acquaintances, and relatives are looser.  You hang out with drug-addicted people, alcoholic folks, that 24/ 7 consuming music with 100% vulgarity as lyrics. Watching movies essentially made with pure acts of violence and gun shooting. You use pornography violent game as your entertainment breakout.  Then you are wondering why you hands up jail before you finish school attended your graduation. Surely you have a felony record as your accomplishment to identify yourself with.
I don’t care who you are. Your . Your color or your race you wake your mind and do with your life “Fool”
Because ! The purpose of money is to circulate. Than people life as you and me.
The reason you why you ain’t got none assets. No money and . Is because you are not using your brain. Your Inaction your mind atrophy, and petrify.
! And wants to be your hands soon if you do the least action to get it.
Do , a music, a of , . Why don’t you a , find a job, your own job? Use your creativity invented something, write a book, cooking and your food, singing in the money. You collect recycle plastic and scrap metals exchange them cash. The money come in your hands but stop sleeping with your eyes closed.
What you should do is dreaming with your eyes wide open. Because anything you visualize your mind you have it in your hands. By action, apply discipline into it, with persistence and your nick will be a being.