Michael Cohen the president’s former lawyer know the “Donald Personal Fixer”. He is ready to flip on his longtime boss before Congress.

confirming that “Roger Stone told he’d spoken with WikiLeaks about disclosing Democratic emails”.

Michael Cohen public appearance before the House Oversight Committee this Wednesday 27th February 2019. Eventually enter in the history of Modern Politic of United States of America as “the political storm”.

A typical tumult! a judicial disaster that may sweep away President Donald from the oval office soon possible.

Because of an imminent process of impeachment. Keep in mind that the situation degenerate rapidly after some potential evidence public reveals to the American public.

Because, the former long-time lawyer, fixer, loyalist. decides to tell Congress this Wednesday everything the congressmen and congresswomen would need to know.

to vent and clear his conscience from everything about the narrow conspiracy world.

Also from the dark day’s, he worked for the citizen Donald Trump. An individual who operated business cooked before he became president.

If does what he pretended to do. Get ready! America we are going to face a political storm. A force that hurt badly the administration or may destroy it completely.

Encase of revealing during his testimony some that be damaging the president himself.

time some members of his own family and employees of the Organization.

The Washington Post last night published an astonishing article. In which the reporter mention the type of information. is ready to give away to the Congress be such as:

knew his longtime adviser Roger Stone was communicating with WikiLeaks. About publishing stolen from the Democratic National Committee”.

Equally the same source. According to the text of Michael Cohen preparation for the testimony leaking to the news last night.

It that Michael Cohen potentially say president Donald participate in a conspiracy against the United States of America.

That’s mean Michael Cohen accuse President Donald directly. Because he confirm Donald knew about Roger Stone Wikileaks plot.

But also he be revealing some direct evidence of Russia collusion in the 2016 presidential election in the US.

Nevertheless, if in his testimony before the House Oversight and Reform Committee this Wednesday. Michael Cohen, in fact, accuses his former boss and attorney-client, President Trump, publicly.

all means, offering some kind of evidence data, audio or video. The type of material that prove that Donald knowing.

That his adviser Roger Stone was reaching out to Wikileaks concerning the publication of stolen Democratic National Committee emails.

This type of revelation will the biggest in history in American modern politic. A conspiracy that will far most devastating for the country than the water of Richard Nixon presidency era.

However, today is the day! A day that may change United States America and the US Presidency Institution forever for good or for bad.

In both scenarios, the look very ugly to watch live on the media. Because it show how divided and weak this country is nowadays.

I end this article saying: “Donald presidency! Is a clinic case that needs to be sturdy, treating and handle carefully.

all means, the nation should learn from this experience! To make the potential adjustment! To make some future change to reunify the country before the next presidential election in 2020.