Manchester City now Lead The . Riyad Mahrez on fire he brings City to the top. Now takes the lead on again by leaving Liverpool behind.

Even if this not a large victory with one goal Manchester City. But it a significant one the the fans. Because the line is Manchester City is to the top baby said a group supporters celebrating the advancement their team toward eventually a new title in the .

Manchester City supporters feel happy, never mind if the quality the game poor. Doesn7;t matter them Riyad Mahrez delivered a spectacular goal inside the opponent team cage it’s a victory them with 3 points.

the leads now the premier league ranking. After 10 difficult , faced the most dangerous team in the championship journey. as Liverpool, Arsenal, and Spurs away from home.

By the time Manchester City supporters are happy and party. The team Pep Guardiola claims Manchester City have room to improve. He said to the : “We to be clinical” I want you guys to play a better game and your attack in the opponent team be surgical.

Because is the way for to continue to win and score goals. It’s clear Gordiola is looking for a championship title this year with the .

The next big obstacle for Manchester City vs Southampton FC on November 4th and vs Manchester United on November 11th.

Nevertheless, an early Riyad Mahrez strike was for the defending Premier League champions and take the lead to the top ranking so far. It was a good game in difficult conditions ended with a win for City.

We are waiting to the derby this year between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola, I mean the Manchester City vs Manchester United.