Man City – How inflamed the stadium by winning big 6-1 Southampton? This victory brings joyful moment fans the English .

But the same, this breakaway by Man City made others uncomfortable. You know I am talking about Liverpool fans who the pressure Man City is challenger wearing the favorite suit the title race.

Just talking about   me worried because I am . Let me behave the other Man City opponents rivals fans. So I can say ’s still way go. You the of affirmation  lower the pressure the time being.

But by leaving my  fanaticism aside talking about football. I mean from the technic, the tactic the set play standpoint the . this is really fantastic this under the management of Pep Guardiola 

, this victory of Man City 6-1 Southampton shows a building momentum. , this plays good football seriously there are not joking . Man City is the English title this no doubt about .

Nevertheless, Man City might not this moment be able to catch up with their local rivals Manchester United. A giant who win English Premier League Titles their history as a .

Nonetheless, for this the who fulfill the on the news. the Manchester region and  the is not Man United. Man City is the rising this region. The team for the time being who their back Manchester’s citizens by them enjoying good football , wonderful victory along the way.

Regardless if Liverpool wins 18 titles who got 13 titles to garnish they museums. But according to the notorious Germain Newspaper Der Spiegel survey. , , , Chelsea, and Liverpool are the greatest European who can win their league local title and a sensation the region.

, in the English premier league this year.  Man City is the greatest favorite to win the title if it’s too early to think about it. We can not either the fact this team is becoming a winning contenders can’t now.