R;Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it. – Charles R. Swindoll”

Life: When I read for the first time Charles R. Swindoll, I underline quote: R;Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

I find those words powerful and extremely intuitive because I was questioning myself over the truth about luck and how to get It?

I can imagine you are probably wondering also about the same over and over like I did and I am continuing to learn more about it.

  is so I want to ask you readers from all over the world ’s stopping by on   blog platform day by day ” what is the truth about luck and how to get It?”

Frankly, if I knew the answer I will probably open a big corporate business selling luck to anyone has bad luck, and I will probably become more wealthy than Jeff Bezoz because there is the big trunk of people believe deeply they are unlucky in everything they do in life.

A close of mine told me something one day was very sad but also uncommonly funny and disturbing time. My female I choose Derby in this example to protect her true identity.

Derby always complains that she doesn’t have luck any man, she claims that she will probably never married one day.

She emphasizes by another sentence sound like that  R;anyway I am my own boss and I made a lot of money, even more than most green than most regular men, I can take herself, I don’t need no string to attach.

The truth Derby lied to me and to herself big time because on any occasion she saw a couple together in some places and they look happy she always, bring another statement: “how come this woman can find a husband I don’t, look at me; I am more beautiful than her, this is ridiculous.”

As you can perfectly understand my Derby is so confused about what she wants, that she pretended that she is doing if she doesn’t have a man stable in her life, but time she is also jealous to see any other female like her living a happy life a husband.

Derby is a common pattern for a most human being living on this planet, victimize of a syndrome of self-fabricating crisis about among themselves, by claiming, they are not happy, they don’t have lucky, they in a bad relationship and the list can go on indefinitely.

The way people think in society is more about emotion and reaction from an initial emotional state, and they left the part in they life inactive by speeding blindness into a dead-end life of negative behavior just because they had experience in the past.

For no particular reason, they the past negative experience haunting their forever.

If you are in a situation like that or if you know someone who is, pay attention to this quote and the rest of the article carefully you may find the you were looking for remember that: “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it”.

The bad experience you have been through, the negative sentimental relationship you were living, your last business failures do not define your . What is in your present moment I call it “Now”.

What you are doing now at this present moment is the 90% of your life, if you know how to readjust yourself, craft your strategy to engage your life on perspective you will able to overcome you’re the situation and you write your future they way you about it, level your burning desire is flaming inside of you.

My friend Derby knew inside of her what she wants in the wish to have a husband was burning inside of her every day, her and her surroundings was the main problem of her life. She was living her apartment her mother, her son wich in drug, her brother who been divorce and depresses.

She spent more time in the phone with mother than everybody else, talking nonsense gossiping, her mother and her son are antisocial to any visitor that coming in her place, and any she went out for a meeting, a or any event her mother call every 30 minutes to monitor her and to know when she will come back home.

Derby one day came to me seeking advice about her situation, I told her do you really want something happens in your life, she answered yes. I told are ready to do the sacrifice that requires agreed by saying yes.

I give her a list off affordable apartments available in nice area 10 miles from where she was living, I told her one and move from your environment to go live by yourself your energy will be clean and positive people will come around of you.

I told I will tell you nothing else with your move to your own place, 8 weeks letter without any expectation she sent me a party invitation card.

She was organizing a get together in her new apartment, I was so happy to went to this party. When I get there, I found a new Derby, with new her style, she dresses as queen on a colorful set of clothes as with walking barefoot inside the living, fully energized.

I said hello Derby how are doing she said I did . She explained to me that had been busy a lot, since the last time I meet her.

I went the new apartment two days after I gave the list, and she moved one week after, a friend from her office Joshua help her to move and install the furniture for her, when she went to her annual meeting week in Cancun she told me she ask Joshua all the design for her. It appears that Joshua is a colleague she Knew for 5 years. I told her I am happy for you, she held my hand by told me that, do the anonymous guy who used to drop a red rose over her desk every Monday since the last two-year was also Joshua, now his my fiancé his moving with me next week  and plan our wedding in planing in 3 months.

When all that happened Derby was 52 Years Old, and ever since Derby and Joshua are living together a beautiful life full of love and happiness. So, what IS the truth about luck? The truth is that luck is not a random event and it can be proven in many ways. Many very entrepreneurs may say that they were lucky but, they as well as I, know .

What many call luck is really what I call a statistical occurrence that only happens after a is taken. This may not have been a calculated decision but it is an towards the desired result.

In this article you find out how your thoughts and your environment were you live and spent your time are matter in how “Luck Like” things tend to happen when people act towards a goal or objective.

Even Lottery winners are not lucky. They took a action in choosing or not choosing the numbers on their ticket and purchasing it. Their prize is a statistical occurrence. Nothing more or nothing less.

The truth of the matter is that most people get so caught up in their own distaste for their own “self-determined”. The situation that they believe that there is some unanswerable reason for the success of others.

I will end this article by some quotes: Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and .

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803 – 1882), I am a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it. Thomas Jefferson.

To get “Lucky” here’s what you should do. Decide what you want, create a plan to get it and DO IT!

Once you keep at it for a while success, Ahem, I mean Luck will occur. Not only that but Uhhh, Luck will begin to snowball in your favor!

Then and only then my friend, you will have the privilege of being a “Lucky” person who “Just Got plain Lucky!”