Labadee: The Most Famous Royal Caribbean Cruises Line Resort Destination Worldwide is a private Island, a with a pier, an international resort  and an exotic destination for everyone the family. This place is   Haiti’s northern coast and owned by the benefit of a lease contract till 2050 by company the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd.

Since 1986, the the Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. organization has contributed the biggest share of tourist revenue to Haiti, using 300 locals staff , permitting some more than 200 to sell wares the premises for a fee, touched another three thousand indirect artists, , craft workers the region also paying the government of Haiti USD 12 per person each cruise ship tourist landing the pier.

The site is completely tourist-oriented and guarded with the aid of the private safety force. Cruisers are not allowed to leave the property the resort is fenced off from surrounding place and meals handy to travelers is delivered from the ships.

Controlled Haitian retailers are given the sole rights to sell merchandise and set up agencies in the resort. Though occasionally described in commercials as an island, Labadee is clearly a peninsula contiguous with Hispaniola Island. The cruise ships moor to the pier Labadee which was completed in late 2009 and is successful in servicing Oasis-class ships.

Labadee points of interest include beaches, watersports, water-oriented playground, alpine coaster, zip-line and a Haitian flea market. Royal Caribbean ships arrive in Labadee around eight am. Disembarkation is after breakfast on the ship.

Lunch is Labadee BBQ including veggie burgers starting  11 am. Dining preferences also include salads, quickly meals burgers, hot dogs, chicken and fresh-made food. Purchases can be made by using SeaPass boarding cards, excepting craft markets selling locally-made merchandise for cash.

Labadee7;s most popular attraction is the zip-line Dragon7;s Breath Flight Line. It starts from the mountain-top launch and allows speeds up to 50 mph (80 kph). Nature trails are additionally among the most frequent activities, along with parasailing, jet skiing, -sea fishing, alpine coaster riding, DreamWorks Safari. All these shore excursions can be booked prior to the voyage via RCI7;s Cruise Planner.

Renting personal cabanas or seashore bungalows is also very popular among tourists. These beachside lodging supply privateness and can be booked either online (before the voyage, via RCI’s Cruise Planner) or while on the ship. Beach beds and loungers are the different nearby condominium options.

Columbus Cove seaside is the least crowded. Due to the giant strolling distance from the docking pier, travelers often use the quick and complimentary   to Columbus Cove.
Barefoot Beach is a special seaside reserved for Suite and above cruise ship passengers served by using its personal lunch buffet restaurant.

Adrenaline Beach is a swim-up bar.  For touring Labadee, RCI provides complimentary shuttles all along the hotel island. Tram stops are definitely marked. Adventure Ocean Oasis at Adrenaline Beach is a youngsters splash vicinity equipped with water toys, fountains, and geysers.

The facility is part of RCI’s onboard kids’ application “Adventure Ocean” for supervised children activities. Other kids playgrounds are the Arawak Aqua Park at Columbus Cove, with water slides, floating trampolines, and pyramids and Dragon’s Splash Waterslide Columbus Cove, presenting a 300 feet / 90 m lengthy water slide ending into a splash zone.

Just line shipboard, Royal Caribbean beverage packages are all valid on Labadee too. Shopping on Labadee is reachable at Artisan Market fixed   for handmade goods and Artisan Village an outdoor market with negotiable prices. Both are cash solely shopping options.

In 2017 August via October, Royal Caribbean made enhancements to Labadee’s Adrenaline Beach. Works started on August 14 and included adding new reef balls to repair ill coral reefs and create new scuba diving and snorkeling paths for the cruise ship tourists.  were no works throughout all scheduled ship visits to the island. During the Adrenaline Beach redevelopment were additionally introduced cabanas.

Barefoot Beach cabanas
Barefoot Beach on Labadee is an RCCL non-public seaside property with different access for Suite passengers and Pinnacle contributors of the company’s “Crown & Anchor Society” loyalty . The beach offers a range of private cabanas available for hire at extra cost, on the first-come-first-served basis.

These cabanas can be reserved via the ship’s Concierge or the onboard Shore Excursions desk. Follows the listing of cabanas as types and condominium fees (per cabana) at the Barefoot Beach: Standard (USD 295), Beachfront and Hilltop USD 395, Water USD 495. Reservations are full-day.

Each cabana has the max ability of 6 people. The list of -inclusive amenities includes assigned attendant, complimentary facilities towels, bottled water in cooler, snorkeling gear, 2 floating mats, hammocks, golf cart, private BBQ buffet one of a kind access.

Standard cabanas are additionally wheelchair reachable (with 2 steps only).
Hilltop cabanas are the most private, featuring tremendous panoramic views from above.
Water, cabanas have direct access to the sea and the beach.
Beachfront cabanas are on the waterfront.
Each cabana has 2 lounge chairs and a massive indoor seating area.
Nellie’s Beach cabanas.
Nellie’s Beach is another RCCL non-public seaside property with free  entry to for all cabin sorts passengers.

The seashore presents a range of non-public cabanas accessible for lease at additional cost, on the first-come-first-served basis. These cabanas can be reserved through Cruise Planner at RCI’s website.

  • These cabanas are 2 sorts Beach and Water. Rent  are USD 395 (Beach Cabana) and USD 495 ( Water Cabana).
  • All condominium important points and -included amenities are the same as for the suite-only Barefoot Beach. Over Water, cabanas are constructed on rock groupings and have walkways to the sea.
  • At Columbus Beach, are new bungalows similar to the cabanas. Bungalow’s rental  is USD 225 per day.
  • Labadee cruise terminal is most famous for its beaches and active fun.

Among the most famous sights and activities are:

  • Dragon’s Breath Zip-Line is the longest built over water – length 2600 feet(792 m), 500 ft (152 m) above the beach, zip-lining speed is 40-50 mph (65-80 kph).
  • Arawak Aqua Park – among its quality elements are floating trampolines, inflatable pyramids, water slides, kids splash areas.
  • Alpine Coaster is the curler coaster, placed approx seven hundred toes (213 m) upon the Santa Maria mountain.
  • A single auto automobile races at speeds of 30 mph (50 kph) with many turns, dips, and waves. Parasailing – height is approx 400 ft (122 m) in the air.
  • Jet Skiing
  • 3-hour sea fishing tour is supplied off the Labadee’s coast on a non-public boat (26 ft / eight m long), the place you can catch large fish as like tuna, marlin, wahoo