Kyrsten Sinema Democratic candidate gradually opened up a ahead toward the line. She probably the . member replace retiring . Flake open seat.

On night, Democratic candidate Kyrsten Sinema remained on a ahead Martha McSally. She gained 4,000 votes a batch ballots tallied in Maricopa County well a few thousand elsewhere in the state.

For the time being Kyrsten Sinema now McSally 49.51 48.15 , according results provided election officials 11 p.m. Eastern time . This race becomes more ad amazing really knows ’s going to win this election. officials mail-in ballots, raising the of Democrats a -held seat.

It take another to all the votes. the previous election always takes more than a totally its mail ballots. McSally on the other side super confident. Because she expecting for a last-minute shift toward her in the remaining ballots.

, Kyrsten Sinema now McSally 49.51 to 48.15 , according to the last results provided election officials on . This story we are continuing observing in this because candidates are competing against each other. In a tight race of more than 250,000 2.4 votes were cast in the election.

one of three . races remain so far unresolved since Election . Nevertheless, were to gain the control the majority year. unsolved race weak their majority in of some remained seats flip to Democrats.