, Dies at 49!

The prodigy the mega-fire starter dies at 49 years old. was the lead “The Prodigy”. One the most revolutionary and influential - band from England in the 1990s.

Remembered that Keith Flint and his buddies founded The Prodigy back in the in the . This band took alternative music from piece abstract nonconventional music underground. , this team put positive energy into it, and finally the bring it television .

Yeah, the Prodigy revolutionizes alternative with some very artiste video clip and made it become popular expression. Meanwhile, then other artists took the relay and after since alternative and techno is becoming we know .

Because will feel satisfied going with grooving some alternative and techno beats, that be as different other avenues music as Hip-Hop, Dancehall, rap, , disco, new age and .

Keith Flint, unfortunately, was dead Monday inside his apartment near the area. spokesperson from his band, related during public . The was only was 49 years old and full of the new projects in his , that’s why this death is very painful his fans and his band members.

However, Prodigy -founder ’s Liam Howlett on Instagram, later on, that Flint killed himself over the . We can feel his by he wrote on the quote: “I’m shell shocked … confused and heartbroken,” he revealed.

Later on, the spread in the media, , television, and the newspaper reported the after the Police confirmed that the body of a 49-year-old man had been at a in Brook Hill, northeast of .

The Police said Keith Flint death was being treated as non-suspicious and a file would be sent the coroner. As the follow-up requirement process as the standard Police practice cases to analyze the file and bring a conclusion these unexplained deaths.

During the era of Keith Flint and The prodigy he always one-man show of the band on the stage. Because he was known from the popularity of these mega-hits clips. “Firestarter” and “Breathe” these songs were an inflammable, intermixture of techno, art-, , breakbeat of music up to than 128 Bpm.

Along the years Keith Flint and the prodigy than 30 , the world creating a revolution of alternative, to came out from the shadow to became the center of , from , in the club as in front of big audience inside big arena as stadium sport field. The Prodigy and Keith Flint delivered along the years seven among them the one was the No. 1 albums in Britain, most recently with “No Tourists” in 2018.

Short Biography: Born Keith Charles Flint on Sept. 17, 1969, in east , he moved to the east of the city to Braintree, Essex as a child, where he met Howlett at a nightclub.

Formed in the early 1990s, The Prodigy was known as much its overt anti-establishment stance as its music. The band members were vocal critics of the U.K.’s Criminal Justice And Public Order Act 1994, which the raves popularized in the late-1980s during the so-called Second Summer of Love.

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