Kalash: Mi Kalash, Is the new secret weapon against and oppression. So let me introduce to the new Kalash: Regardless the part the world of you are living, you already see, or heard the sound of a Kalash,  which is associated with the AK-47, or AK as it is officially known (RussianАвтома́т Кала́шниковаtr. Avtomát Kaláshnikovalit.Kalashnikov’s Automatic Rifle), also known as the Kalashnikov, is a gas-operated7.62×39mm assault rifle, developed in the Soviet Union by Mikhail Kalashnikov.

It is the originating firearm of the Kalashnikov rifle (or “AK”) family this rifle, is the firearm where generations from the last fourth decades saw  and continue to see movies,  live streaming media, and novel as terrible weapons using by the military in war,  by gangsters members in urban conflicts, by drug-dealers in operation, by rebels, by political group, by ideological fringe as a core arsenal inside they army revolts and finally by Hollywood in action movies.   

Kalash videos has 250 million viewers on Youtube, Vevo, Facebook, Spotify combined. Best Afro- Caribean Artist, Best French Rap RNB Dancehall and Reggae, number one artist on social media that sing in French, Creole and English simultaneously, Number non-American showbiz hip-hop personality on Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, Kalash the french rapper is also one on the words searching on Google from three regions: Caribbean, European, and African.   

Really the word Kalash is everywhere in all conversation worldwide, it’s also present in most of the action and fiction novels, but the new Kalash is not a Kalash Nikov as known as AK-47 the deadly rifle gun. It’s a new ideological secret weapon that using music culture and entertainment to attacking oppression, racism,  discrimination all over the world. 

The new Kalash is a lyrical full automatic rifle and a calculating machine words that shooting: hits, songs, tube, albums, video clip on after one. The new Kalash it is also a tsunami musical directly from the Caribbean that cracking the Internet and social media platform as  Vevo, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat with more 100 million views combine all-time. 

The Kalash songs in invading smartphones, tablets, and computers to operative an identity awaken job that made all his audio and video became viral on radio stations, online and on live performance. The new Kalah is activating an artistic solidarity shock wave that generates featuring and collaboration from the top engaging names in the showbiz business behind him all over the world.

The new Kalash is a Voice that gives power the those one who can not rich this level on a bigger platform, in the arena of megastars that writing history in the showbiz universe by is Afro-Caribbeanoriginality that allows Kalash to be able to sing simultaneously in Creole, French, Anglish. 

Kalash , whose real name is Kevin Valleray ,  aws born on in Strasbourg , is a French singer and rapper from Martinique Ralph Valleray came to pursue his studies of philosophy and history before becoming a professor of philosophy in an Adventist high school in Sainte-Luce in Martinique.

He leaves France with his parents, two months old. He spent his childhood in a religious atmosphere within the Seventh-day Adventist Church, through his father who also studied theology in Jamaica 4 years, such as his two pastors and theologians Guy and Joel Valleray. His mother, Murielle nee Filin, remarried to the traditional sailing champion, Joseph Mas alias Athon, is a state-certified nurse, a nurse in Martinique.

Grownup inside a multi multicultural religious family the young Kalash spent his first four years of childhood at the Cité Dillon, a popular district of Fort de France. Following the separation of his parents in 1994, he will live in the township of Saint-Esprit, then in the innercity François.

Kalash’s childhood is musically marked by Afro-Caribbean roots culture contain revolutionary musicality with strong lyrics and profound message into it. He caught this habit from his father a Bob Marley fervent admirer.

Kalash does most of his schooling in Seventh-day Adventist institutions: Kerlys Primary School and then Rama High School / High School in Monestry St. Luce. He keeps a deep religious impregnation and especially an intense faith in God. His last year of high school was at the prestigious Schoelcher High School where he has learned a lot about philosophy, social identity, and social origin.

His high education teaches him discipline, and persistence shape him made him become a real challenger who his very strict with himself in term of never delivered and undone task and always looking perfection.

Kalash has been immersed in a religious milieu,  in social violence and discrimination environment that’s make him find himself as products of the Ghetto. An intelligent human being he his Kalash embarrassing a social mission which fights against oppression and made it become his leitmotiv and his signature brand. 

Whenever his distance himself from churches or a particular religion, Kalash social evolution shows total spirituality influence particularly in four titles, “Only God can judge me”, “4 crossed”,   “According to me”, “Red Net # 509” express with force, this religious and spiritual dimension, in complete freedom by said his life is securing by the Great Manitou

Kalash the French hip-hop fighting the far right in a society polarized by sponsored by the  French Front National (FN), a right-wing French political party strongly supported French nationalism and controls on immigration, and it often has been accused of fostering xenophobia, anti-Semitism and anti-immigrant.

Kalash particularly answers the far right in a video clip by this words “I’ve fucked Jean-Marie since I was born and his daughter that orangutan.” that give the respect in the Franco-Arabic and muslin community in France. but Kalash is more than that.

The singer earns the public respect his creativity, his intellectuality, his artistic but more his bold attitude to discuss in public what others are afraid to say.  Kalash is also a new Caribean Voice in the footsteps of Bob Marley himself because Kalash is not real, is true and his not afraid of Babilon’s in referral to cops by the Ghetto language code.

Kalash music is warming welcome in any Ghetto or Inner City he visited in all continents all over each country want him to do live.  By the time Kalash is arriving in your city, he is the most, Reggae, Dancehall, French Rap, Creole Rap, Afro-Caribbean, non-American artist Hip-Hop blowing the internet by millions of views all time.

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Kalsh Life Hight Lights:

  • Kalash debuted in the underground world in 2003, 
  •  released his first self-titled album on the label Chabine Prod, In 2011,
  • Kalash won the SACEM Martinique Award in the Reggae Dancehall category his song Pran Pié , 
  • In June 2013, he released his second album 2 #Classic 
  • 13 to 14 November 2014, Kalash and Admiral T are placed in custody aggravated violence.
  • They are accused of assaulting three police officers, apparently in a state of drunkenness.
  • Both singers dispute this version and claim to have been victims of police violence.
  • November 15, they are released and placed under judicial control.
  • Their file was returned to instruction. Kalash will be judged the following reasons: obvious drunkenness, violence on a police officer (2 days of ITT), kicking, punching, ground projection, violence on a police officer, slaps, radio and glasses torn off , contempt of a police officer.
  • July 2015, released the gangsta-rap single Bando , the single meets a great success and Kalash is relayed by Booba who will expose it to the metropolitan scene, and will collaborate twice on the upcoming album Kalash.
  • Kaos releases Kalash’s 3rd album with tracks ranging from rap to dancehall. The album reached the 4th place of the French top album, flowing to 7,034 copies during its first week of operation . The album is certified gold in July 2016 .
  • 26 October 2016 convicted to serve a six-month suspended sentence unauthorized possession of a Category B weapon. The weapon, worth 2,000 euros , was discovered by the police during a home search carried out in May 2016 
  • He is the father of a boy named Ethan born of an unknown mother and a girl Iéva born in 2017 with his long-time partner Ingrid Littré, former Martinique Queen who was finalist at the Miss World 2009 contest.
  • Kalash upon his arrival in the Metropolis he lives in the heart of Paris, near the Champs Elysees .
  • He later moved out to an unknown place in the Gheto  because the police broke into his home.
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