This is a story about myself that I want to share with you, name’s: Rescue Yourself: Jump From Rejection Toward Success! This story is about how I used to rescue myself inaction to toward my journey to success.

I am passionate about reading, a book for me it is a vivify nourishment that I am consuming every day to keep up myself alive to Jump From Rejection Toward Success! and my new lifestyle.

Usually, to feeding my appetite for reading, I myself the pleasure of consuming a standard pocketbook every week-day and high volume book of than 500 pages every weekend.

Over the years I have the privilege to read many authors and one of my favorite all time is Stephen King who is someone who Jumps From Rejection Toward Success!

I read his and enjoyed them even take them for granted by visualizing myself one day become a famous author as he is, I took the decision to write myself a book name: “Breaking The Secret Code Of Success”

I cheering the idea of creating a book to teach people how I have myself meet success, how I Jump From Rejection Toward Success! but along the way, I have decided to write about success as a concept and the need it takes to become successful.

To do so I enrolled myself a series of research about some successful people, that I consider as my heroes to study them and learn from them a to create a good book to people Jump From Rejection Toward Success!

You imagine that I picked Stephen King as my first study, I was shocked to learn that the famous writer and novelist, Stephen King was alcohol abused at the age of 16 years to overcome his personal tragedies.

King met the ends by working as a teacher   Maine, when he narrated his first novel named “Carrie”. King submitted the story 30 times, each time it was rejected. On the thirty-first attempt, he threw the manuscript out of the window.

His wife rescued the file and asked him to try once and the world’s greatest classic was published and Mr. King to Jump From Rejection Toward Success!

The story shaped my apprehension about success and made me understand better the meaning of achievement sometimes it takes you the courage to rescue yourself from to meet success.

Rejection is the fuel that flame people with the purpose to pursuit they journey toward success, 30 times publishers reject Stephen King manuscript as it seems when the # 31 publishers on the list agree to publish his first novel named “Carrie” the world realized finally how many best sellers was sleeping under the great Stephen King pen.

My rejection list number is bigger, at least 149 publishers refused to publish my book “Breaking The Secret Code Of Success”. But I am because I know they just can’t see the best seller hiding inside this self- book.

But inside my mind, I am 100% optimistic about my work and I know there an online community, who see better, understand better and find better the seed of success. That’s why I propose you member of this amazing crowdfunding community for funding this book with me.

Because I know you see an angel inside a stone as a sculptor who sees quietly contemplating an inanimate uncrafted piece of rock, to extract later one a masterpiece from it.

I got something priceless I offer my book which is how to break the code for your personal success and you got something priceless also you can it’s donate massively and this campaign get a $ 15000 goal 30 days. Let’s build a successful relationship this great venture for our mutual success.