Does the Case Of the Billionaire arrested for sex trafficking, can become Donald Trump nightmare?

arrested and charged for sex trafficking is the new scandal is becoming the new nightmare for President Donald Trump in the days, weeks and months upcoming.

The reason is simple citizen Donald Trump in the past had a lifestyle where he used to hang out with and both of them used to party together and used to manage a model agency to recruiting young female and often underage.

This new case is the new mysterious cave attracting all investigation journalist to jump already inside the story to ding, under the surface to find-out any piece of evidence linking him and President Donald Trump for certain.

As I am writing, this article a few pictures of Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump together with some young women. 

Certain buzzing news headlines already pop-ups on the news feeds from all major news all over the United States of America as well as in the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, the key question is how long it will take for investigative journalism to identify who was in the pictures with Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein. 

I am certain the will track them and find out about their story as soon as possible some disturbing news scandal will emerge soon.

Nevertheless, other possibilities are also possible. Likewise, some women may come out of from closet, to speak out to any journalism a story about them.

Some kind of news about Jeffrey Epstein with Donald Trump can be devastating for the Presidency and the White House combined.

However, by now what we know so far is Epstein, the tycoon billionaire financier, and felon, well by the court for sexual misconduct in the past.

The same individual Jeffrey Epstein was arrested on Saturday and charged with sex trafficking as a new case for his judicial record.

Keep in mind that mister Jeffrey Epstein is a wealthy man with deep pockets to paid top white choose lawyers and with a huge group of friends with political and judicial connections.

By all means, it was easy for him to find himself acquitted and free. His connection and acquaintances are so powerful that they include two presidents.

Multiple celebrities plus well-known congressman and congresswoman helped him avoided federal prosecution.

In this new case, Mr. Epstein really finds himself in big trouble that will not be easy for him to overcome.

From now he is expected to appear in person at the Federal District Court in Manhattan on Monday.

Mr. Epstein is facing many charges that include sex trafficking of minors, involving multiple underage girls, between 2002 and 2005, according to two law enforcement sources.

This battery of charges also includes, that Mr. Epstein has routinely brought underage girls to his home on the Upper East Side of Manhattan.

This affair touches some potential sexual intercourse, the source also revealed. 

The allegation said Mr. Jeffrey paid them hundreds of dollars in cash for massages and sexual acts, wish to lay down a perfect case for illegal prostitution practice.

Jeffrey Epstein Is as well accused of some other ugly kinds of stuff search as, masochism practice with sexual abuse, disgracing misconducts when he luring underage girls to his luxury Mansion in Manhattan.

All this disturbing story unfolding during on Saturday, July 7th, 2019.

Will President Donald Trump would be able to distance himself from his friend case?

Or would he will do what he likes doing attacking the persecutors on Twitter by calling them, angry Democrats?

Will Donald Trump start naming Mr. Jeffrey case a witch hunt what so ever against him?

Who knows what President Trump will say or will do about this story very soon?

What President Donald Trump will do will?

Will Mr. Trump play his pardon card if the story brings secrets about him with Jeffrey Epstein with underage girls, or rape allegation or some kind?

Anyway, the public will not wait for long until the next Donald Trump presidential twitter storm, on an upcoming night will buzzing the news about Jeffrey Epstein case for sure.