Ian Long a 28 years old Marine Veteran, accused of 12 people. He had served in the in as a machine gunner. Before he opened fire late Wednesday a Los-Angeles area well-known nightclub. Ian Long ‘terrified’ his mum he returned . The ex-Marine shot himself after 12 in bar.

According to the Police and Military officials Thursday. Ventura County Sheriff Geoff Dean told reporters. That the law enforcement officials had not determined why Ian Long carried out the ? the Borderline Bar and Grill, a country-themed nightclub, in Thousand Oaks in .

What do we know the gunman?

Ian Long has served in the Marine Corps August 2008 to 2013. He accomplished his career the rank of corporal. According to his service records. He was a machine gunner. served a deployment to November 2010 through June 2011.  Recently Ian Long also served with 2nd Battalion, 3rd Marine Regiment at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii.

However, we know that mister Ian David Long received two administrative disciplinary sanctions in the Marines Corps. For shoplifting at a store unidentified military base. Sometime before his deployment to Afghanistan in 2010.

Because according to the Los Angeles Times we also know regardless the infractions of shoplifting. Ian David Long has received honorable discharge in 2013 for his service. Additionally, mister Long is awarded a handful of standard military recommendations. During his time in the Marines, including a distinctive Combat Action Ribbon.

What can push a well trained Marine Veteran to become a Gunman?

According to the record available after leaving the Marines. Ian David Long had involved in various “minor” run-ins with local police a weakness ’s Dean said. The same reported also a traffic ticket history incident last . In which case the police deputies responded after he was reported to be acting “irate and irrationally” at his domicile.  he shared the with his . Colleen, in the nearby suburb of Newbury Park.

Nevertheless, Ian David Long was not arrested as a result of that incident. But mental experts responded determined he “might be suffering from” post-traumatic stress disorder.

Even the sheriff did not provide evidence that can prove Mister Long had been diagnosed with PTSD or not. However, the bottom line is the case of PTSD symptoms was arise about his case as eventual possibility.

The question is whether the situation PTSD symptoms can be proved or not? But, the fact is there PTSD symptom is a constant in the Veteran community.

A 79 years longtime resident living in the same neighborhood with Ian David Long ’s Donald MacLeod.

He shares a with the gunman. So he says he often heard Ian David Long arguing loudly with his at all , “in the middle of the night, at 2 a.m.”

MacLeod also noticed the gunman was loud and appeared to be threatening violence. More than a year ago, MacLeod heard a gunshot in the home but did not call the police.

He said he viewed Long as a troublemaker and he always kept his distance from him. He also said he told his wife to be prudent and to treat the young man carefully avoid any extend discussions with him.

The neighbor continued: “No question in my that the guy was troubled,” he said, adding that Ian Long’s time in Afghanistan “made worse.”

McLeod said Long’s role in the fit his impressions. “I’m not surprised at all,” he said. “I did not trust the guy.”

others called to complain of loud noises many time earlier this year that sounded like he was damaging the , a neighbor said another resident Tom Hanson to a local TV Station.

The situation is sad a after the midterm election in the country. Comprehensive gun control reform law arises one more time the picture.

How many gun violence massacre have to happen in before the lawmakers and the government and the president up to defend the life of the citizens in this nation.

Those 12 people killed in this new saga of another gunman open fire in the civilian crowd in a public place to decide should die or . I believe other innocent may facing the same consequences in the future. If a nation we do not giving a mental unstable a person the power to kill mass people allowing them to carry guns legally everywhere.

Remember 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School in Parkland, were killed in Florida. The president was talking about to armed inside the school.

those mass continued to happen in a synagogue, in , in a baseball , in a nightclub, in a fast food restaurant, in the south side Chicago or any other place in the country we arm more people to put them on duty on places?

This is ridiculous American need comprehensive laws, to take away guns, automatic weapons from the hands of mentally unstable people period.

For those who lost the someone in this tragedy, we send you our love and payers. This a lost for all of us, particularly for the country.

Who just lost intelligent youngsters who one do for this nation and family.

’s also a terrible loss for men and women who serve this country before, our veterans who sacrifice a to give us this freedom.

I wrapped this article saying The Marine Corps image is affected because a Marine veteran hurt the country. That’s why the institution released a statement Thursday extending condolences to the and families, noting that Long served from 2008 to 2013, including a 2010-11 stint in Afghanistan. He last post was at Kaneohe Bay in Hawaii.

The Marine Corps’ commandant, Robert B. Neller, tweeted his “heartfelt condolences” to those impacted the , while pointedly distancing himself from the Corps’ former member.

“That ex-marine despicable actions run counter to what the vast majority of veterans are rightfully known for: serving w/ honor than making positive contributions to ,” Neller wrote.

of those responding to Neller’s tweets brought attention to the general’s use of “ex” as opposed to “former,” while others asked the commandant to the Corps’ attention on PTSD and general care for veterans.

But the people who will suffer the from this mass are the 12 killed people ’s and also the gunman . Because no parents should be able to face of a situation in adult life.