Bing is advertising platform used to display on the Bing including,, and Smaller like and also fall under this umbrella.

show up on Bing when a visitor searches just as they would on any other search engine. The top and sides of the page are a premium real estate, and you want to be sure people notice you first making your ads relevant.

How Bing Advertising Works

Bing ads relevant to a visitor’s search on the terms used. Searching for “hardware store Kansas ” will ads for hardware stores Kansas . Yes, that’s quite obvious. , you may not know that whenever someone conducts a search, Bing gives ad placement to the highest bidder. Just because you have ad on Bing, doesn’t mean people will see it.

Bing makes money off of the ads businesses place, so if you outbid your competition, your ad is more likely to appear. , Bing only gets paid when someone clicks ad. That’s because you only pay Bing when someone clicks on your ad.

This is why relevancy matters. If you a hardware store Dallas, your ad will never appear using the search terms above no matter how you bid, because no would click on it. They need hardware stores Kansas , not Dallas. Showing irrelevant ads profits no .

On your end of the ad, make sure when a visitor clicks your ad, it sends them where they expect to go. If your ad promotes drills, send the clicker to the drill page of your hardware store website, not the page with pipe fittings.

Advantages of Bing

Bing has a host of advantages that are similar to other . Using proper keywords, you get front of people when they need it, increasing your conversion . You only pay if your ad works, so you don’t spend money on useless advertising, and you’re less likely to exceed your budget placing bids for the maximum you’re willing to pay.

You also track your engagements on a dashboard, showing you how many people saw your ad, how many times they clicked, and how you paid for each click, giving you the ability to segment your future ads on worked and didn’t.

While Bing doesn’t have the same volume as Google, this proves to be beneficial. Fewer businesses advertise on Bing, meaning less competition for you, ad positioning, lower cost per click, and higher quality conversions.

Cost of Bing

A pay per click model determines how advertisers pay for ads. You only pay when someone clicks your ad, but how you pay depends on how you bid. You pay different amounts on keywords. Niche keywords in small cost less than $0.20 while popular keywords in big cost more than $20.

Bing’s keyword planner suggests bids for your ads, so you have an idea of how much you need to bid for your ad to appear in someone’s search terms. You choose how much you are willing to pay based on how much you stand to from acquiring conversions. $20 is worthwhile if a new customer means $500 more to .

Bing audience Network

Factors to Consider

Switching to Bing from Google doesn’t mean you’ll lose your previous campaigns. When you sign up for a Bing account, you have the option to import these from Google AdWords. You then them to run similar campaigns and benchmark which service for .

Diligent keyword research tells you which terms have high volumes and low competition. Bid on keywords with purchasing intent. If someone searches for “best toilets to buy,” it’s likely they plan to buy soon. If they search for “best toilet repair near me,” you don’t want your hardware store ad to appear. That is unless you also offer toilet repair services.

After selecting targeted keywords based on your product, service, location, you can also choose your match type. This allows you to select how closely you want your keyword to match the user’s search when your ad appears. matches will look for searches containing synonyms of your keyword, whereas exact matches will only show up when someone searches for that exact keyword phrase. matches have the potential to appear on searches that aren’t relevant to your business, so you may have to narrow your match type over time after careful study.

After several months, you should review and optimize your ad to improve future results. You have visibility to keyword impressions so you can refine and as needed. Remember to keywords from your campaign.

Bing has a variety of targeting options you can after you evaluate your initial campaign. You can run A/B tests, increase your visibility on weekends where you see more traffic, and bid higher on demographics like age gender.