Rockets Win Game 4: said: “I wish I had that last playback”. Referring to the ’ final transition possession. than 12 seconds remaining Game 4 of the on Tuesday.

were up by . When Draymond Green pulled down a to start the break. He passed it to Durant, who dribbled the ball up the court. Instead of a shot, Durant a cutting along the baseline.

Trevor Ariza closed on Thompson, forcing Thompson to put the ball on the floor before firing up an ill-advised turnaround airball. Durant saw demanding a kick-out. And 5 seconds on the . Green a timeout that went unnoticed by the officials.

Warriors stuck by his decision not to a timeout as soon as his team secured possession.

, I wanted the timeout,” Kerr said. “Draymond tried to around 4 seconds, but he got trapped. And at that , the officials weren’t , and ’re not going to look down at our bench. So I saw Draymond trying to it and I was hoping ’d it to , but we didn’t get it.

“But I’m always a proponent of pushing the ball off of a miss and not a timeout, letting the defense get set up. So, I thought we’d get a shot transition. That’s why I play.”

Golden State went into the fourth quarter a 10- lead, but the Warriors managed to 12 the frame, while Rockets put up 25 to come away with the 95-92 win. evened the series at apiece.

“I think we just stop trusting our defense at certain in the game,” Green said. “We’ got to trust our defense, trust the game , and stick with it.”

Durant gave a breakdown of what he was thinking on that crucial last possession.

“I raced it down, I was trying to see if I had some options, I saw Klay running along the baseline. And maybe should have waited until he set his feet, but I just threw a bounce pass and tried to relocate it,” he explained. “But, man! is not the reason we lost the game.

I wish it could have been a possession at the , but, know, we’ got to live with that and move on and be game.”

Stephen Curry (39), Thompson (39), Durant (43) and Green (45) all played 39 minutes. Andre Iguodala was sidelined with a leg contusion. The Warriors outscored 34-17 in the third quarter, but due to an even further shortened rotation Iguodala, Kerr said fatigue played a reason down the stretch.

“It’s the ,” Green said. “When ’re battling getting to the Finals, no worried about fatigue. We’re just trying to do what got to do to win the game.”

Thompson suffered a knee contusion in the second quarter after he banged it on the hardwood. He headed to the locker room treatment, re-entered the game soon after. Team officials said his injury is of no concern moving forward.

“It’s sore, but it’s early,” Thompson said. “I’m anticipating feeling better tomorrow.”

The Warriors dropped a golden opportunity to the series in on Thursday, but the locker room was surprisingly in good following Tuesday’s contest. Durant told “just have to get another ” on .

As a team, the Warriors expressed disappointment in not sustaining a level of play than focusing on one possession. Durant said that’s what they need to fix to go into Game 5.

“It’s the game that we’ got to get better at, especially in the fourth,” he said. “I think going up 10 going into the fourth, it was a good opportunity for to kind of take control, and we didn’t. So I wish I had that last playback. So I’m going to watch and see what my options were and just hope if I’m in that place again I’ll be better.”

Green offered his take. “We know we made of mistakes down the stretch in that fourth quarter. So, we’ll be fine,” he said.