Hip Hop New York Tsunami: A Milandou Badila aka Young Paris Signature! This man is bringing a traditional Africa music to American hip-hop creating combination sound as Afro-Rock, Caribean-Roots Groove and Hard Core Hip-Hop all together inside of each song he dropped on the marketplace.

Based in New York City the multiparty of hip-hop culture,  Milandou Badila aka Young Paris is taking over the hip-hop game by only be good at it but instead his bringing a new flavor into it by executing all kind of sound combination from different genres and different culture.

Young Paris is doing a magic or a miraculous transformation in the music industry he has delivered and Hip-Hop Afro-American on traditional roots and techno-friendly, what gives him this artist and international platform without any extra promotion.  Because his music can be digested by any culture from any nation around the world, his music is fully diversifying and integrationist with hip-hop, trap,  African drumbeats, xylophone, along with electronic music.

Born from decent and intellectual Congolese parents who introduce him to culture philosophy since he was a toddler, Young Paris and his nine other siblings were all apart of a dance group in his earlier upbringing. Young Paris came into the industry not being afraid to be proud of where he is from. Along with his other siblings, they all pay tribute to their heritage by incorporating traditional dress and body paint and adding a modern-day twist to it.

That’s made Young Paris so outstanding from others, he is an artist from is DNA, he used modern  vogue fashion, plus traditional ancestral fashion, body painting, mask, electronic special effects on top of his postmodern music beat to drive the public into an intrigue sensation of curiosity, awareness, body and spiritual trance creating an ecstasy of passion just by listing his music or watching his video clips.

In Young Paris’s song “Kake ” he revealed a new Afro-American and a general Negro identity never reaching before in that dimension, is speaking directly to the listener about unifying the African-People and to go against the government. He made trough his song a black to be fearless and proud of their origin and social identity.

“we say we want world peace but our dollar funds the raping, even out the rations, unify the nations , recreate the government or this world is about to face it . . . disobey the system, keep that dollar in your hand and don’t trust no politician”

As Young Paris emphasis in his song he continued, he raised an important part of the media portrayal of Africa and describing it as a Third World Country. It’s no secret that Africans are descendants of Kings and Queens, but he makes the connection of being portrayed as basically less than even though the country sits on gold and diamonds. How can people criticize the people and living conditions and yet continue to take more from them?

Young Paris’ latest accomplishment finds him as a signee to Jay-Z’s entertainment brand, Roc Nation. This move solidifies his mission to bring his international vibes to the mainstream. Tying in his roots with the times, Young Paris is ready to introduce his wave of socially conscious lyricism over Afrobeat rhythms blended with Pop, Trap, or EDM.