Haitian Voodoo Ceremony: is an talking about an amalgam of Incarnated spirits, love, and gender!

It is also the first one of a series of an talking about the same subject I will publish every during a period of 7 days.

The first night: the body and mind cleanser night to purify the ambiance and welcome the dignitary guest because the will spend 7 nights and 7 days together.

How does voodoo a Haitian contribute to the construction of sexual equality and gender identity and a social equilibrium between ages and social rank in Haiti?

’s explore a sturdy operated by Elizabeth McAlister that offers to us an in-depth analysis of the religious grassroots of Haitian Voodoo spirits.

A profound analysis of how Voodoo in Haiti deals with Catholicism and prevailing along the years.

voodoo haitian

However, If you were lucky enough to have a chance to Haiti one day. Maybe you will granted with of invitation to take part in a religious Haitian Voodoo ceremony. also called in Haitian Creole “ Lwa”.

Meanwhile, you will have to prepare yourself to attend the Haitian Voodoo ceremony. Because event is a kind of long opera of dances, meditation, and spiritual purification.

If you are not yet an initiated to Haitian Voodoo ritual. However, you will be granted a seat in the front lodge a special guest.

kind is reserved to the honored special noninitiated guest from a different horizon. I am talking about different race, color, nationalities, and religions to them experience by themselves what Haitian Voodoo ceremony is all about.

A kind of hard dignitary chair, in front of the stage of the ceremony. Where you will be able to observe the percussionists playing African drums sets on one side.

voodoo prest

well on the other side, you will be attracted by, the voice of the chorus of singing and the artistic choreography of dancing worshipers operating the ritual of the Haitian Voodoo ceremony.

In the meantime, from your where you will sitting all night. You will be able to observe best you can type of beautiful, complex and mystical Haitian Voodoo ceremony.

From your own view, you will experience that the Haitian Voodoo ceremony is far different from what Hollywood show you in the movies or some detractors wrote about.

Because these people have no clue about what they are talking about. Indeed please allow me to take you inside of a real Haitian Voodoo ceremony.

I suggest an open mind and open eyes you find some significant wisdom and revelation in series of articles about the Haitian Voodoo ceremony.

in mind the first night a Haitian Voodoo ceremony will start a kind fest. That goes from a quiet dance like a court dance to an inflamed demonstration of people in exploration of happiness and true wisdom.

Nevertheless, during the evolution of the Haitian Voodoo ceremony. People are infused by some energy that takes them to a state of an indelible hypnotic.

I am talking about an absolute trance that allowed them jumping dancing like a wild animal and feeling nothing for several hours even days and weeks.

Be aware that scene takes you to a vortex where you will be amazed by something you never saw in your life before a kind of demoniac act of beauty.

Because, people are dancing, singing, drinking rum, some homemade cigars crafted with fresh tobacco.

Wearing the most expensive outfit made for special occasion of a mosaic of colors and some aromatic odor of homemade perfume.

All kind of people are enjoying, you’ll see kids are playing in the backyard also. Back and front, in and out people circulating toward the buffet table.

They are eating some special occasion dish such as “Fritay” made with spicy fried mix meat, and fried green plantain, fried dumpling serve with a sauce of spicy onion with white vinegar and hot paper.

Some others who do not alcohol or who not allow because there are under age will ginger tea, hot spicy coffee or spicy chocolate to them awake and the body warm enough to enjoy the ceremony.

Around midnight, the ceremony will be so intense in activities. You will see men and women, young and old seems to experience the same level of energy.

A kind of force that will make them stay awake all night executed all kind of exotic provocative gesture during a ritual of a nearby body to body dance between male and female.

Around five o’clock in the morning, you will have arrived in the middle of the evening, it will become painful to your eyes open, despite the music, the heat and the proximity of your neighbors.

in mind these type of Voodoo ceremony will take place during a period of 7 days and 7 nights, cleanse the body of all negative energy accumulate during the year.

Everybody, all age from male, female, straight, gay, visitors, people other faith and are welcome in symbiosis of love and harmony together.

is ended here because I only describe the welcome ceremony on the first night of a series of 7 days and 7 nights ritual. I will tell in part 2 of a series of about Haitian Voodoo.