HAITI: Does Port- Au-Prince is upside down?

Haiti social is inflammatory is divided and Haitian government become now weak by . Protest and riots anti-corruption emerged every in Port-Au-Prince Haiti. the became inflammatory since Wednesday, November , .

Because, a Haitian government went out control a group people, least six persons. A put fuel the fire and the outcome is scary. The streets are barricades, roadblocks, tires burning and violent protests everywhere.

Police official Michel-Ange Louis-Jeune told The Associated Press the ’s wheels had come off. Protesters later set fire to the , which remained the scene in the Port-au-Prince.

, a Policeman ’s Louis-Jeune he didn’t know how people died. , to the Associated Press website. A journalist least counted the bodies of four men and the ground.

These six deaths happened in a critical period. Where the opposition proclaimed four days of protests on the territory. to the protesters they demand Jovenel Moise resigns. They accuse him of investigating allegations of corruption in the previous government. Over Petrocaribe scandal, a Venezuelan subsidized energy program.

Nevertheless, this tragedy brings the total of death fifteen people so far. Since the protests, including those hit by the . To put it way, the police spokesman Frantz Lerebours told the AP. That authority discovered a young man body died. Meanwhile clearing street barricades in the southern department of Nippes.

Indeed, a  pocket of violence group erupted from everywhere from the cities to the in the in the countryside. As illustration, of the protest and riots in Haiti. and government offices remained closed since Wednesday, as did banks and grocery .

key , to see regardless of police violence in the streets. of people stood outside in their neighborhood threw stones toward the Police convoy. the police by tear gas, plastic bullets, from the firefighter7;s trucks. The situation is a total mess, some government trucks cleared some streets to the traffic.

Meanwhile, of the main roads and highway still blocked by barricades of tires in flame and scrap metals. Comparatively, to the real situation. And by the that both the government and the opposition are to sit down together.

Furthermore, can predict the outcome of this crisis in a where all the basics things . Where the majority of people with less than US $1 per as income.