Do You Wonder What Is The Correlation Between Google Search, Online Search, Internet Trends & American’s Health Care Surge?

Google search trends indicate people search online enormously to find out how more about health care than every other thing. Trends of Internet Health Care definitely that technology has changed definitely the way consumers perceive healthcare their relationship with their primary Doctor. 

Meanwhile, the internet is used in a daily basis by millions of users to perform their everyday life activities such as communication with colleagues their relatives, doing business, performing shopping, pay their bills, dating their soulmate more. 

However, health care Internet search has to impose among online users in the past five years. As the new way to diagnose their health issues instead of visiting their primary physician.

Because, most of the pertinent information about health care that used to be accessible only in college public libraries, throughout medical books. 

Nevertheless, when we observe what is happening now in the new age of advanced technology. We observe clearly, the Internet the Internet on thing has become the ultimate tool for patients seeking health information.

We not talking about a simple thing as some flu symptoms, cuffing, headache, nasal congestion, vomit, diarrhoea, skin allergy, acid reflux, burning stomach or any little thing as sort. Seriously people are googling more than that, they’re a real solution to avoid paying high-cost medical bills, treatment for tuff life-threatening disease as cancer beyond.

When we observe the daily we can see for real as much as 72% of world wide web users are seeking information about health care Health care treatment on the Internet. 

Wellness, alternative medicine, homoeopathy, medicine traditional, diet nutrition, weight loss, physical therapy, psychotherapy, relaxation, massage, yoga meditation are among the favorite keyword associated with healthcare searching online worldwide.

Frankly, this the are a sign that shows many important things. But, the most alerting one, appears that people around the world are really sick they don’t believe in their local healthcare system anymore.

Suddenly, they are bonding on the Internet as an alternative solution to solve their own healthcare issue. As the number of people who using google search as their primary doctor to provide them with treatment about their diseases. 

Nonetheless, data on through the Internet revealed that people, I mean healthcare seekers for solution are wisely satisfied so far.  Online Health seekers are choosing Google as their primary doctor period.

Meanwhile, these people are continuing, utilizing google search as their favourite tool, to learn more about their healthcare condition.

At the same time, as they are seeking new treatments, they are some new medications under a lower cost. By doing so, they are interacting with other folks that are in the same situation with them.

All combines, given place to some kind of online healthcare group therapy. Where men women try to get answers to questions about their healthcare condition at any given moment day or night. 

All to consider, a question must be asked answer at the same time: “ Why people trust more google online content than a professional in the healthcare industry?”

Let’s jump in the time machine to go back to 04/12/2006 in an article with the title  “Don’t Trust Your Doctor” published by Dr Peter Rost at in which the author said this following quote: 

“ I’m a doctor, so I can say this with a straight face: Don’t trust doctor. There’s no question in my mind that today most doctors are businessmen first doctors second.”

Patients are aware that doctors nowadays are just salespersons who sold their soul to the pharmaceutical industry also to the big insurance corporations.

By all means, healthcare providers are just after their patient’s money, these doctors are don’t give a hell about people wellness anymore.

Doctors are paid, by the pharmaceutical industry also to the big insurance corporations. To keep their patient’s in constant needs for their services their drugs.

Acting that way, the system can be rolling every day allow them to make more money becoming more wealthy.

Keep in mind that the same doctors who serve the patient are also shared holder in the pharmaceutical industry also in the big insurance corporations.

Wich situation explains by ricochet they are distributors of their products in this case drugs healthcare insurance services to their own patients.  

Google Internet search allowing its users to have full access to a wealthy bank of information.

By all means, people can be digging online find pertinent information they need at the privacy of their cosy home, in their comfortable apartment, or a in  a quiet room inside a public library.

Perhaps it can be done also in front of a large computer screen in an Internet café or simply from their smartphone in the palm of their hands.

All to be considered, the bottom line is:

“As an Internet google search for healthcare information seeking, will help any patient who chooses to go through ou this road. As indeed, it can be a for the caregiver also. Because nothing is better for a doctor to have a patient who has a better understanding of his healthcare situation.”

Contrary to what people may think, searching online via google health care information, can be useful to build a stronger physician-patient relationship vice versa.  

This move also is critical because it’s given to the seeker patient a real opportunity to be better informed.

Which can lead this person to enjoy the benefit of great health, become more responsive in term of utilization of health service resources, tools more.

But, seeking healthcare information on google on the Internet. In the other hand maybe cause harm to the patient Internet healthcare information seeker.

One receiving misleading untrustful content. Two by may receiving good pertinent information by this can also be misinterpreted the data received. 

A case scenario, that can be very compromising produce bad health behaviours disastrous health condition outcomes.

What to keep in mind is full access to some potential health information,  on google via the internet.

Request that patient seeker doctor caregiver as to be knowledgeable of the source where the information is provided. 

Also, they have to be content about their respective role in the relationship between patient doctor. None of them can replace the other each of them is dependable of the other as well. 

The doctor should stop being a salesperson become a real caregiver wonderful primary doctor who is more care for the wellness of the patient than sucking the insurance money destroy and people life. 

Literally, by prescibe them harmful drugs that will create addiction on the individual by a large general real public crisis such as the Opioid Crisis in the US.  

Understand, also if you choose to educate yourself about healthcare by all means put all chance in side to become more responsible about taking care of person to cure or avoid health diseases. 

Let me tell you this an honourable manoeuvre, can be very benefited for your finance, it can keep you healthy happy.

What to avoid by another hand to consider that all of a sudden you became a genius protegee in medicine overnight you can replace your doctor.  

Google searching about healthcare information is truthful trending but with all the additional high-tech gears build for this niche. This option will not save your health considition.

If you not take care of yourself, live responsible in term of diet decision making, plus choosing a wise person with alot wisdom as your primary doctor than continue to enjoy the beauty of life. 

Writen by: Ernst Georges – 10/28/2019