Golden Menu: Popeyes Serves 24 Karat Wings dipped in champagne, coated in . We all know Popeyes the American multinational chain of fried fast food restaurants founded in 1972 in New Orléans, Louisiana for the famous Louisiana Kitchen recipe for Fried and the famous biscuit.

Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen changed the game introducing   new limited-time menu item that truly blow your mind but just imagine that are eating new golden fried .  I am not kidding can buy   24 Karat Chicken Wings dipped in champagne, coated in that not shine brightly as gold but also taste gold with the same spicy recipe original flavor of the Louisiana  Kitchen we all already know on the .

The restaurant chain since Thursday, October 4th, 18  reinvent themselves tasting on limited 4 locations new dish that is beyond the company already serves in the past, for something totally new. Don’t get me wrong always find the  Popeyes Chicken & Biscuit as good as it always been but now the company put a golden on it.

So now you can find all your Popeyes Menu Serves on 24 Karat marinade golden dust presentation dipped in champagne, coated in , I mean all the all : BONAFIDE CHICKEN, TENDERS, SEAFOOD, SANDWICHES & WRAPS, LIVE WELL, FAMILY & KIDS’ MEALS, SIGNATURE SIDES, plus the  SIGNATURE SAUCES and DESSERTS old low affordable price.

move is crazy and changes the fried chicken restaurant business for real, for now, Popeyes’s locations cooking up the special recipe are in City at 75 Lexington Avenue location, New Orleans, Anaheim, California, and Elizabeth, New Jersey. Depending on demand, Popeyes would consider bringing the gold-battered dish to more locations in the future, the company says.

I have to tell you that the new Elizabeth, N.J Popeyes location, opened in last August, is Popeyes’ 3,000th restaurant in the chain. and the company is still gowning, so far  Popeyes the Luisiana Kitcken Inc is the faster New Orleans-style fast food .

Popeyes president Alex Santoro said in a statement because of our customer have supported us for years “We wanted to share celebration with our fans, so our chefs cooked up something extra special for them,”  The chain locations in 30 . R;It’s a way for guests to celebrate milestone right along with us.”

The 24-Karat Champagne Wings come as part of Popeyes’ Boneless Wing Bash, includes six boneless wings, a choice of side dish, and a biscuit for $5 while supplies last.

Popeyes does this move to show the public the is strong but also to a signal to is that everyone can a golden fried chicken meal in restaurant who treat them as and queen.

This a bold move, because that price is a lot more economical than the 24-karat gold, dusted wings that hit the menu earlier this year at two locations of The Ainsworth restaurant in City who sold for $45 for 10 wings or $1,000 for 50 wings and a bottle of champagne. The Ainsworth said 50-piece wing order incorporated $0 worth of gold dust.

Now Popeyes bring the golden rings to the people and way cheaper with a better taste, we all know if it’s a Louisiana Kitchen original spicy classic recipe, I end this article here now because I got to eat my golden wings and my Popeyes Chicken Biscuit before it gets cold.