Free Marketing: Other Social Media is the easiest type of free marketing is advertising. has on increased the wake of the Panda Penguin upgrades to the Google algorithm. Google now gives more weight to websites that have the most social approval signals, ranking .

Like Optimization, marketing can take a while to gain traction because it takes to a following of contacts, , bring to your , then get to you social approval signals.

The best approach is to on multiple outlets, not just one or two, partly because the popularity of changes what is the most popular one today may not be as popular tomorrow. Also, your prospective are also using multiple , so if focusing only on a few could mean you are missing a large segment of potential .

What are the most Important Social Media Sites?

Excluding Facebook Twitter – which will be addressed a separate article — the most important social media platforms that you need to be involved today are:

1. YouTube  Video is the format of choice web today. Thanks to 3G and 4G networks and WiFi, nearly everyone has access to streaming video on their and tablets. YouTube, which is owned by Google, is the biggest and most significant distributor of video.

2. LinkedIn – site focuses more on business networking rather than social networking. But LinkedIn continues to be an important platform reaching corporate and commercial .

3. Pinterest – Currently, Pinterest is one of the most popular social preference platforms. It allows to post links to things they like. If that includes one of your links, you can expect a ton of traffic to your .

4. Google+ – Google+ tries to combine all the best features of the other social media sites – as , social , social preference – killer apps like free video conferencing to make it the premier social media site on the web.

Social Comment Sites

Thanks to the spread of mobile media, social comment sites are growing popularity. These include apps as Foursquare, Urban Spoon, Yelp, Citysearch, Zagat, OpenTable,  Expensify, Grubhub, and many others. Social comment sites post comments, , images, ratings and other opinions on businesses they visit or any topic they like from their mobile devices.

can have serious consequences, especially the brick and mortar business owner, because if customers post negative comments it can not only hurt your but also can continue to linger on the web a . On the other hand, comments can help drive more foot traffic to your business.

For the web-based marketer, social comment sites’ benefits lie primarily social approval signals they can provide. of your web can help boost your web page ranking on Google. You also should quote on your own web pages, social media accounts, or even in advertising and marketing materials.

Value of Social Approval

Social approval signals can help your marketing efforts go “viral”, which to that use social networks and other web to produce explosive awareness in brand or awareness.

Like viral infections or computer viruses — which spread from computer to computer exponentially – social approval signals as Facebook “Likes”, Tweets, Google Plus “+1’s” and others can spread the word your brand or quickly.

Internet now have the ability to share and spread viral messages they enjoy faster and with more people than ever before with literally the push of a button. One person can promote your posting to hundreds or even of social media contacts, who can then pass it on to tens of or even more.


Google+ takes the best features of the internet’s most successful sites – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and even YouTube – and puts them all in one . That makes them easier to coordinate on your Google+ brand page.

Google+ allows you to create individual Circles for friends, , acquaintances, , vendors, or any category you want. You also can create sub-categories within these Circles to make it easier to effectively with specific groups.

Hangouts are Google+’s free web-based chat that you with other users in real using text, video, or audio feeds that are connected to your Google+ home page.

Hangouts can be used for many purposes, such as providing live video one-on-one video customer service, answering customers’ questions, or showcasing your ’ best uses. You also can use it to host webinars, record them and then make them available online as squeeze page giveaways.
Hangouts also offer a called On Air, which allows you to link your Hangout to your YouTube channel, where it can be broadcast and recorded, providing access to your to an unlimited number of viewers via YouTube. Viewers can even submit live questions and comments via text.

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